Setting Goals

First I gotta say, tomorrow will be day 75 of my streak in 1+ 2012. I have been taking it day-by-day and not really yelling from the mountains because I feel the streak is small in comparison to others. Yes, I also know it is more than others but honestly, we are all runners doing the best we can each and every day. No one of us is no more special than another. But than that is my viewpoint on all humankind. With that said, tomorrow will be day 75 and I feel I need to do something to celebrate the day for myself. What about 7.5 miles before work? Sounds good to me. Now please kick me out of bed early enough to get in done. Mahalo.

This morning I ran 4.01 miles before work and maintained my easy treadmill pace. Usually the easy runs are one of the hardest for me due to boredom but I had so many thoughts of upcoming races and goals swimming around my head that it was easy to stick to my plan. Why is this important? Because I used to train and always push, push, push. I always ran intervals or progressive runs. I always aimed to up the pace. And I have been plagued with injuries and perhaps not gaining as much as I could have. I have read many people say easy runs are just as important as speed work and I am honestly aiming to give that approach a try this year. I still have my interval runs, tempo runs, and speed work but they are all tossed into the mix with those easy run days.

But let's get to the exciting stuff...

Goal Setting!

In order for you to truly give me valuable input let me tell you that I am registered for four A-races this year, the races that are dearest to my heart.

  • Run for the Whales - Goal was to run a sub-two. Goal achieved. Read more HERE.
  • Wahine Half Marathon - Goal ????
  • Maui Marathon - Goal is to run with dear hubby. Time goal TBD but definitely want to beat last year's time.
  • Honolulu Marathon - Goal ???? And this race will mark my first race in a new division! Okay, unless I slip some other races into the mix before than, which is highly likely.

I have also registered for or will register for multiple motivational races. These are the ones sprinkled throughout the year to keep me focused, keep me motivated, and keep me remembering that running is fun. They can range from 3 miles and beyond, but all are less than a half marathon. But I don't always take these races lightheartedly, remember the Valentine's Day run where I ran my heart out?

With all that said and done, I am racing on March 17th in the Run 'til Your Green 3 mile race. Note, I said racing not running. Therefore, you already know I intend to put my all into it. But I am a firm believer in setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) goals and a goal to place doesn't quite fit. I will be running as a Celtic Warrior (age division 18-39). But I do want to beat my time from last year, which was 25:40. Thing is, I ran the Valentine's Run at 25:28 so I really think I should run a sub-25, considering it is 3 miles, not 3.1, right? By the way, my 5K PR is 25:05.

My next race will be the A-race, Wahine Half Marathon. You can read what I did last year HERE. My race time was 2:19:15 (ironically, I always remember 2:22 but that number wouldn't be too bad in itself because it was my Dad's birthday). Okay, stop rambling. This represents my slowest half marathon race time and I had multiple issues I was battling. It is hard to pinpoint what the major factor was but I am now pondering, do I run to beat my time last year and get an acceptable time, say 2:08, my first half marathon time, or do I run and try to PR again? I am leaning towards the first. I am traveling to this race so perhaps that is factoring in elements I can't predict, but then again, am I cheating myself by next asking myself to do more? Granted, I don't to decide today so what do you think?

And why are both of these races on my mind today? Since they are close to each other, but not too close, and I feel I need to look at the big picture when setting goals.

Today I am grateful for:
  • More rain since it created rainbows
  • Spring Break, although I don't really get to have all the fun
  • A successful dinner last night, my creativity paid off
  • Showing appreciation, although I think dear hubby and darling daughter both skipped their turns last night, how did that one slip by me?
  • Having a wonderful weekend with darling daughter, dear hubby had to work a lot


  1. I love how thorough and detail oriented you are in sorting things out and coming up with goals and plans.

    I am not a racer and don't run the amounts you do so I have not a shred of helpful advice! Just a cheerleader! :)

    1. Sometimes a good cheerleader is the best thing a runner can have! I think dear hubby realized that once he ran his first marathon.

  2. Wonderful goals!!! I too believe firmly in setting goals and standards for yourself, because it helps keep you driving forward! Great job!

  3. they're far enough apart, I say go for a PR for both. You've got it! Or even if you don't, I'd say still try for a sub-2 again. I know you'll be disappointed if you don't push it at least somewhat. Well, I know I would be at least. As long as you feel good and strong, go for it and ease up if you have to. You can totally do it!

  4. You have wonderful goals! I think you can PR in both races, but do what you feel is best!


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