An Open Letter to my Daughter

To my darling daughter,

Few people know that growing up I was constantly under pressure to be perfect, to be the best, to win. I have come to learn winning isn't always necessary and in fact, it just put too much pressure on me and made me feel like I was never good enough.

But that doesn't mean I don't still push myself and strive to be the best that I can be. Note, this is different from being the best out of all. And about perfect, no one is perfect. We all make mistakes. We can all improve ourselves. So please, don't ever set yourself up for disappointment by trying to be perfect.

Why am I writing this to you right now? Because of our conversation Friday night when I was putting you to bed. I was confiding in you my goals to run my best at the Run 'til Your Green 3-mile race and told you I really wanted to break 24-minutes and run sub-8 miles. You told me you would be super proud of me if I won. Hmmmm.....nope, that isn't a realistic goal. So I explained to you why I wasn't running to win but to be my best and to do the best I can do. You then told me you would be super proud of me for running my fastest.

Well baby, I did. I achieved my goal and I "won". No, I didn't get a medal but I got so much more. Pride in myself for doing the best I can. Pride in myself for pushing myself even when it was hard. Pride in myself for teaching you such a valuable lesson at such a young age. Life isn't always about being first. Sometimes the greatest accomplishments may happen and many times those can be unseen by others. But trust me, I will always see each and every one of your accomplishments. I will always be your cheerleader supporting you in each and every endeavor you take. And I truly do appreciate your support, love, and hugs.

I love you always....no matter what....your running mom.

P.S. And I must be a honest mom too, I do love my bling when I get it!

P.P.S. The true race report will be coming in later....perhaps tomorrow.


  1. Hey you achieved your goal - that is pretty dang cool. You ran your fastest and I know your wonderful daughter is super amazed at her super fast mother. Congrats.

  2. Such an honest and loving message - thank you for sharing.

  3. That's an awesome message! It's one that I hope we are giving to our children as well. We do say it and I hope our actions convey what we say. Great job at your race, too!!

  4. Such a warm and loving letter, Mom. I think it is wonderful that you are so thoughtful about the messages you are sending to your Darling Daughter, and the role model you ARE for her. How wonderful to parent on purpose. She is a very fortunate girl indeed.

    I can tell how much you love being here Mother. :)

    1. Sorry, I meant HER Mother.

  5. Well said! And oh so true! Way to be a great example by pushing to be your best and showing your little one that winning a medal isnt the only way to win! Great time too!!

  6. What a wonderful sentiment...You and your daughter are both very lucky ladies.

  7. Aww, I look forward to these kinds of conversations with my boys. :o)

  8. That's a beautiful message to give your daughter. I always feel that by being a runner, I set a great example for the kids.

  9. Thank you to each and every one of you for your supportive comments. I truly do appreciate each one!

  10. Aww I love this! Very sweet!


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