The Joys of a Haircutting Party!

When does the simple task of a haircut become so much more? When your hairdresser lives in California and has to travel over the Pacific Ocean to give your hair some love.....twice a year!

Essentially, imagine a bunch of ladies and a couple of men gathered together in a cute little house. Add in a chef to cook our meal for us (it is good to have talented friends), some wine, entertainment (TV), and toys for the little one and you are good to go. Darling daughter is being treated to the good life! A couple of years ago her haircut was poolside and she was hand fed a bagel. This year, she talked me into a bit of brownie bite!

I got my hair done too but dear hubby was caught up playing dolls so the moment wasn't caught on "film" forever. And by the way, we left our house at 5:30 pm to begin this adventure and didn't get home until 11:00 pm.

But words can't describe the fun....take a look!


  1. Such fun! That is the way to get your hair cut! I need to talk my hair stylist to come into our house and do all the girls hair!

  2. Haha what a cutie! At least she was having fun I know some kids who hate to get their hair cut!

  3. I love the Tommie Copper socks in there too! So fun.

  4. Ahh how cute!! I wish I could get fed a brownie while getting my hair cut :)

  5. The copper sleeves look really cute with your dress! Runner style that makes cool everyday style. Love it.


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