I'm having an off day

You would think after 9+ hours of sleep last night I would be happy-go-lucky and everything would fall into place. Nope. I am grouchy and somewhat irritable.

I tried to start the day right. Make some wheat french toast for the family and then hit the gym. I got darling daughter all checked into the kids' club ready to run 9 miles but not even at 0.5 miles my left glute was aching. Ironically, this pesky muscle often complains but not during a run. I didn't have the willpower to fight with it. Or perhaps I had the sense to listen to it. I wrapped up one mile and headed straight to the foam roller for some love and dedicated stretching.

On the bright side, the muscle feels better. On the downside, my pocketbook was negatively impacted by the sale and clearance items at Old Navy, the nuun and GU at Sports Authority (and darnit...they only had one vanilla bean left), and the necessary food items at Costco. I would love to say I am feeling awesome now but I am still grouchy and my attempt to get henna done today to cheer me up failed. I have to wait a whole 18 hours or something crazy like that.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Sunshine
  • Allowing myself to indulge in a few Girl Scout cookies guilt free
  • Making dinner at 1:00 pm....okay, I am pre-cooking and will wrap it up later
  • Spring Break and the dream of more time with darling daughter
  • Knowing it is okay to have bad days


  1. We all have bad days...but tomorrow we get to start all over!

  2. I am glad you do know it is okay to have off days! I hope Sunday will be ON. :)

  3. It's definitely fine to have off days - treat yourself to a relax and some yummy food! :)

  4. It just happens. Sometimes you think that run will help you out of your funk, but then something funky happens on the run and that can make it worse. I hope your Sunday has been (or is? What time is it??) much better!


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