A Good Day

I must confess, I did ponder the irony of me posting THIS about quitting a run after posting THIS about how to stay motivated to run....especially since the two were back-to-back. But first I must say thanks to all the supportive comments about reinforcing it is okay to have a bad day. And second, one thing I didn't mention in my post about conquering boredom on the treadmill is that I don't let myself quit a run unless I feel comfortable enough with my reasoning that I can say it to the world. So a reason like I broke my fingernail just won't do (and no, I don't have fingernails long enough to break anyhow). But a reason like I am hurting in a new way is good enough especially with two races around the corner (a 3mile on the 17th and a half marathon on the 1st).

I want to set a good example for my daughter.
Today my goal was to run a mile at home on the incline treadmill and in the first couple of minutes I was still feeling sluggish but that quickly evaporated. I ended up running 2.34 miles at an easy pace but wrapped it up since I wanted to have time to do a good stretch. I still have chores to do before heading over to a dear friend's with darling daughter to get my hair colored. Yep, today is henna day!

Don't worry, it isn't on. Key is out.
And today I am feeling happy, optimistic, and great!

Today I am grateful for:
  • More blue skies and sunshine
  • That my sister and her kids are spending some time with my mom
  • Friends who are willing and able to do my hair for me
  • My dear hubby not noticing any gray in my hair....it isn't a lot but I think it stands out like crazy!
  • Yoplait smoothies...I think I am going to make one for darling daughter and I to share on our outing


  1. Yay for optimism! I don't think it's weird that your polar opposite posts about running were back to back.......isn't that what running is like?? lol I definitely have a love/hate relationship with it ;)

    looking good on the tready ladies

  2. I know I had a not so good run last week and I to questioned myself, about my running. Than the other day had a good run, so I'm feeling better about it. I just have to learn that is the way running goes. It's like life you have your ups and downs. So we just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Glad you are back on track girl.

  3. Great job and effort! I too have been struggling this week, and didn't make my miles today because I had tummy issues I couldn't ignore!

  4. Good for you! So glad you had a good day, and look at that little sweetie on the TM! Bet your hair turned out just great, too.


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