Did someone say mold?

In my laziest moment yesterday I chose to not cook dinner. Nope, we were going to have dear hubby take us out to our favorite restaurant and I was feeling so happy about it, I was going in for the boots! Yep, I dug deep in my closet and pulled out my favorite boots and was appalled to find mold on them. Imagine my shock and disappointment! And annoyance that now I had to go through the closet to see what was up only to find more shoes with mold and guess what, it seems to love my not-worn-too-often-but-loved boots....not the sweaty running shoes. Thank goodness! Although it hurt to say goodbye to my old friends....the boots. If I was in blogger-mode I would have taken pictures but nope, I was in sad mode and just did what had to be done. I also questioned if there could be a link between this find and my inability recently to overcome the simplest colds.

Since then I have found they make closet dehumidifiers with those cool crystals and the closet is loaded up. And I will do frequent spot checks but am worried I didn't do all this says when I looked mold in the closet up today for the blog. Should I go back in for more battling or was my clear-out and Lysol sufficient?

On the running front, today marks day 65 of 1+ 2012. I need to do my 12 in 12 half marathon soon and was tempted to do so today originally but I am hurting. After running in circles Thursday I did a Nike Training Club Jumping Around workout that kicked my butt. Yesterday I ran 7.09 miles and felt great but my legs are hurting. They were hurting even before the run yesterday. I dropped darling daughter off at the kids' club and said I was going to do a medium run. She told me no, do a long run. I told her I would try but didn't know if my legs were up to it. She replied, do 7 then. Okay, 7 miles was the goal. Thanks coach!

I headed off to the treadmill and started my 7. I must confess, about halfway through I wanted to call it quits. I wasn't feeling the joy I felt yesterday but I opted to follow my "coach" and got it done. And you know what? I feel good except for the nagging pain in my right shoulder (too much computer work at my real job) and still some aches in the legs that was treated to an Epsom Salt soak.

Today I am grateful for:
  • My darling daughter's encouragement and good running advice
  • That it is girls' day and I may be able to convince dear hubby to massage my shoulder
  • The votes I have gotten on the Tommie Copper photo contest....please vote again HERE and it ends tomorrow. Yes, you can vote once every 24 hours.
  • My cough vanishing
  • Having a kids' club at the gym


  1. Lol, move to Utah and you won't have that pesky humidity problem!!! I crave moisture!!! Sorry you lost your fav boots!!

  2. ughhh i'm so sorry about the mold. What a pain! great job sticking to all 7 miles when you wanted to call it quits. Glad the epsom salt bath helped the aches after

  3. Sorry about the boots!! I too love my epson salt soaks!

  4. Awwww - poor boots! I forget to be in "blogger mode" half the time as well :)

  5. Great job on sticking with your run! They all can't be stellar runs (or can they??? hmmmm...). Those are the ones that build mental toughness!!

  6. Hate that about your boots! Great job tackling the 7 miles.

  7. The mold has been a learning experience and hey, I got some good housecleaning out of it. Thank goodness I was lazy though or else who knows how long it would take me to make the discovery. Gonna do monthly checks now.

  8. A closet dehumidifier? Who would have thought? Now you have me wanting to go check out all of our closets.

  9. Don't worry....I will have a follow-up post on this topic too since it was a huge learning experience for me.


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