12 in 12: A half to start the day

First let's rewind a bit. I had originally envisioned running a half marathon on Saturday. I wanted to run early in the month since my next half marathon race is April 1st. But then I pondered if I had to run a half in March. I said I wanted to do 12 in 2012 and one a month makes sense but I could achieve my goal without running a half in March.

Once Saturday came my legs were aching from previous workouts and I just didn't have it in me. Or at least, I didn't have the mental push because I rationalized I could run it on Monday or today and still be early enough in the month to not negatively impact my race performance. Sunday was to be a family day so it wasn't ideal for me to do a long run.

Yesterday I barely had it in me to run my mile. Not because of aches but because I just wanted to be and play with my darling daughter. What can I say? Was I in a rut? I really don't think so. I just wanted more fun time with my daughter and opted to pick her up early from school and do a really short run. Therefore, I posted on Daily Mile my goal to run a half today.

And guess what? That did the trick of getting me out of bed early enough to tackle 13.1 miles before going to work. I didn't have any excuse good enough to tell the world why I skipped this opportunity and I am happy I put it out there.

When I started my run the treadmills by me were in use. As my run progressed, fellow runners came and went and by the end, I was running solo in what appeared to be a completely abandoned gym. But I kept going and completed my mission.

What does running a half on a treadmill do for me? It builds mental strength. On road runs I tend to do out and backs or point to points where I  must keep on running to get to the end....my ride. On the treadmill you can get off anytime you want. Really, you can. But I almost always choose to keep on going. In the early days of running I let myself off the hook more often. These days, nope. Keep running girl. And perhaps that is what I need to build that mental strength to keep on going on days where I feel like a run is the hardest thing in the world. Today it wasn't the hardest thing in the world but it wasn't a walk in the park either. I got bored and had to find a way to overcome that and keep on going.

Today I am grateful for:
  • My darling daughter's ever present enthusiasm
  • Getting my run done
  • Nice offers from cool people
  • Coming in 3rd in the Tommie Copper contest - thanks for your vote and I won a cool coupon code to be applied to a purchase of my choice
  • Rain to help the garden veggies grow


  1. you are so so inspiring. I can't believe you can go that far on the treadmill. Nice, speedy half!

  2. That's fantastic! I had to run 11 on Saturday and couldn't face the boredom of the treadmill--I have never done more than 5 on it before. So I have to ask you--how did you overcome the boredom?

  3. That's a long way to run on a treadmill! Bonus points to you for having the patience!

  4. Wow, awesome job. You make a great point about the TM. I really need to spending some time on mine.

  5. Wahoo! Way to get a half in BEFORE work and on a TM! I could barely do 2 on a TM before going crazy! Awesome job!!

  6. The before work park is what put that run over the top for me. Get it, girl! That is amazing!

  7. Amazing!!! Way to finish what you started!!

  8. Great job running a half on the treadmill! AMAZING!


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