Wordless Wednesday

Showing gratitude....
I got an unexpected upgrade in the mail yesterday.

Mahalo Run Fast Mommy!

Showing love and sympathy....
Join in on the virtual run hosted by Shut Up + Run in memory of Sherry Arnold.

More info HERE


  1. Great minds think alike!! I talk running decals today also. I like the one you show. Very cute!

  2. Definitely doing the virtual run for Sherry! I have an 8 miler that day and will dedicate all 8 miles to her!

  3. LIke many who have shared their thoughts about Sherry Arnold, I don't think I have had one run where she hasn't entered my mind. But I'll definitely be running Saturday to join the rest in this wonderful tribute.

  4. Thanks for the link to Sherry's run. I plan to participate.


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