What works for me may not work for you....and a WINNER

I thrive on structure; therefore, I am pretty good at following most rules....except the ones I break.

But honestly, things can get really confusing if you are trying to run according to plan and the rules. Just google half marathon training plan and you will come up with tons of results. If you try to weed through them and find the perfect plan you may become overwhelmed or you may say, hey, this one looks doable to me. Bingo! You just hit the nail on the head. A plan that is doable for you. That is the secret.

Let's step back a minute. I started my 1+ 2012 goal to run every day in 2012 to help me break through the mental obstacles I put into my own training. I try to follow my training plans but am flexible with them. Perhaps I don't run x-miles because of x, y, or z or perhaps I just skip the run because of x, y, or z. Is that okay? Sure...perhaps....it really depends. How strong is the x, y, or z? Does it really mean to abandon the run or to cut back miles?

Upon reflection I began to think that my own x, y, and z were weak at times. They really do sound strong - I didn't run because I was sick, I didn't run because I had to work late, I didn't run because my darling daughter needed me, I didn't run because I had to cook dinner. The list of valuable reasons excuses could go on for ever. Each one on its own is valid but if they begin to stockpile, perhaps you I have a problem.

The solution? 1+ 2012. It works for me. It may not work for you. It compels me to just aim for 1 mile and then go from there. I push myself to just start that 1 mile and know that at any time if my body tells me to stop, I will. But if my mind is telling me to stop before I start, I won't be so quick to listen. My mind can be my own worse enemy....telling me I am weak when I am strong, telling me I am not good enough when I am, telling me I can't when I can. I just have to tell it to shush for a moment and give it a try.

And that is why I choose to run with this silly cough right now. My lungs feel fine when I run. I don't cough once when I run. In all reality, I think the darn cough is triggered by post-nasal drip (yuck) and is annoying and keeping me up. But yesterday for 20 minutes I found blissful peace and felt great while I ran 2+ miles. And for that I am thankful.

But what I am more thankful for right now is giving a huge congratulations to the Pampered Runner Giveaway winner....being announced to day in memory of my Dad on his birthday. I really don't think the hurt of him not being physically in my life anymore will ever go away. But what better way to honor him on his birthday then to treat one lucky person to a special gift?

The winner was selected randomly through Rafflecopter and is.....

Congrats Suzanne! Email me your physical mailing address at lifeasarunningmom (gmail) and I will get your gift package out to you as soon as possible. For everyone else, if you have already entered the Pampered Runner giveaway you will be eligible for the final drawing on 2/29/12. If you haven't entered, there is still time to do so HERE.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Pampering an awesome lady who has many kind comments and an awesome blog title!
  • Courage
  • Time alone....I love my family but every mom needs some time to herself sometimes
  • Lifetime movies.....an indulgence I don't do very often
  • Kitty cat pillow cases


  1. Congratulations Suzanne!

    I agree, there isn't a panacea (sorry for the fancy term but I used to love using it in my grad school papers) for runners! We all have to try different things and what might work for you won't work for me and that is completely ok!

    1. Love the word choice....panacea.....

      Cool! I am equally in love with the word perquisites when I inadvertently learned that perks was slang. Oh my!

  2. If you are having post nasal drip you may try mucinex!

    1. Everyone keeps saying Mucinex.....I better go get some to try!

  3. Nice win for Suz!

    I sure hope you are feeling tip top very soon!

  4. Yuck, hope u feel better soon. I love this bc ur so right. I love your 1+ approach especially bc u make it work w everything else in ur life. Other people may struggle w it and get frustrated, then give up. Glad u r keeping it up.

  5. I often breath better after warming up in my run. There is very little reason to not run a mile(+) a day. You can completely do this. No doubt. The best thing to come out of it will be your ability to listen and understand your body so much better. Running is not an option, it's essential!

  6. amen!!!! it is so true that not one thing works for everyone from running to food to well anything :)

  7. CONGRATS, Suzanne!

    I second that amen. Every one is different. Period. Hope you feel better soon!


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