Tommie Copper Product Review

If you are looking for good customer service and compression, I strongly suggest stopping by Tommie Copper and giving them a try. After hearing so many bloggers rave about their products I had to give them a try....and they were nice enough to provide me an opportunity to do just that!

What makes Tommie Copper a bit different than other compression wear is the copper. Imagine combining the therapeutic properties of copper (stimulating the immune system, fighting free radicals, etc.) with the therapeutic properties of compression (stabilizing muscle tissue, promoting blood flow, etc.) and you have a win-win situation...especially when you add into the mix that the items are comfortable beyond belief.

I have other compression wear that works nicely but honestly, I have peeled it off some times just because I couldn't bear to be in it anymore. Then I wake up achy wishing I didn't taken it off. With the Tommie Copper, I forget I am wearing it. Nice, huh?

I was able to try two different products - the calf sleeves and the shirt. I am totally sold on the calf sleeves! I never really knew my calves needed such love and attention. I have run in them, slept in them, and wore them to work. Yes, I had to try them in all scenarios! Sleeping in them is my favorite recovery now for after hard runs or just plain, I have been working way too long and my legs are tired days. For running, I could see how some might love this but I found them warm. Not so warm I had to rip them off but warm enough to wonder if I could really do this for long distances. And yes, the compression does the trick.

For the shirt, perhaps it is a sizing thing but I didn't feel the benefits like I did for the calf sleeves. But I don't think this is the fault of the product per se. The shirt just wasn't as snug and tight on me as the calf sleeves; therefore, the compression capabilities weren't fully in effect. But I did run, sleep, and wear it to work once as an undershirt. And yes, when I wore it the tension in my shoulders may have been a bit less.

Ironically, when I thanked Tommie Copper for this opportunity and expressed my love I also expressed my desire to have compression shorts. If you have been following me, you know it is my piriformis that gets to me. And guess what they said? Check this out!

And yes, I signed up for the newsletter to stay fully informed.

And if you are focused on your budget like this running mom, I truly feel Tommie Copper is reasonably priced and I don't cringe when I see their price tags like I do for the prices of other compression wear.

Please note: This product review is solely my opinion and I received no compensation for writing this review. Tommie Copper did provide me with the products at no charge or obligation.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Feeling my Dad's presence and support
  • Being able to express my opinion
  • Sharing information that may be useful for others
  • Tomorrow is haircut day
  • Finally feeling fully like me again....it has been a long journey and perhaps I will blog more about it one day


  1. I love Tommie too! Going to wear my calf sleeve on my run today.. how I wish I had 2 of them!

  2. Thanks for the review! I am going to have to check these out!

  3. Great review. I love my TC knee sleeve. They are the best especially when I go to the field. When I'm in the combine my knees just ache, but not when I have my TC knee sleeves on. I to would love for them to make compression shorts. Will sign up for the newletter. Thanks.

  4. I am a huge TC fan and can't wait for their shorts :)

  5. Great review....always on the lookout for what works for people! And you're looking pretty dang good on that treadmill! :)

  6. Hmm, I haven't heard of Tommie Copper but I sure love the only pair of compression socks I have so far (CEP). I'd be interested in some that are budget friendly!

  7. I love my TC gear and I'm quite excited they are going to have shorts available soon!

  8. I am curious, how is the sizing on the product? I was know sometimes when I put in my calf size I am told I need a large or extra large and think there is no way someone my size could pull them off. (I have large calves but not very tall and not overly big) THanks for your response and time.

    1. I would say follow what their guidelines say and err on smaller options. You want good compression. :)

  9. just wondering about the shirt. Is there copper in the shirt? Does it state it does on the tag?

    1. Yes, there is copper woven into all their products and I can't say I ever read the tag. ;)


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