Tommie Copper, Leap Year Virtual Run, and another Winner!

Aloha and Happy Wednesday!

I entered the Tommie Copper contest on facebook and if I win, I really don't know who I will choose to share the love with. I have been blessed with so many gifts in life that when I win, I am compelled to share. If you don't mind, stop by HERE and vote for my picture (Erica).

Did you run or are your running today for the Leap Year Virtual Run? I was up way too late last night but still managed to pull myself out of bed to run my 2.9 miles before work because honestly, the host cannot miss the race! I know I said the run could occur anytime today but I had it in my mind to do so before work and stuck to it. My time was 21'22" and you can input your time HERE. Remember to do this by March 4th to be eligible for the door prize drawings. Winners and top three finishers will be announced on March 5th.

And speaking about winners, the third Pampered Runner winner was selected randomly through Rafflecopter. In fact, I had to select a fourth since the first random choice was someone who already won! Go figure!

So lucky number 3 (or 4) is.....

Caolan from Chronic Runner! If you haven't read her blog before, stop by and check it out. I can tell she puts a lot of thought into each one of her posts and I truly do love reading them. And we seem to have a lot in common in terms of our thought processes. Congratulations Caolan! Email me your physical mailing address at lifeasarunningmom (gmail) and I will get your package out to you as soon as possible!

Today I am grateful for:
  • A new haircut
  • My darling daughter's new haircut
  • Feeling better thanks to antibiotics....truly, I am like 1000% better in less than 24 hours!
  • Being able to share
  • All the participants in the Leap Year Virtual Run


  1. Oh hey I'll vote but I am actually competing in that same contest - but for my mom. so please go vote for me too!

    and alas I just called the dr and they still don't have the results back from my hip xrays :( I hope to get them ASAP so I know whether I can run your race or not. Can't believe how many people signed up! CONGRATS!

    1. I hope you can win for your mom!

  2. Yes, will vote for you, Erica.

    Good luck.

    Congrats to your new Pampered Runner winner.... and happy haircuts!

  3. http://healthywealthandwisenotbutlearning.blogspot.com/2012/02/snow-snow-and-lets-runhappy-leap-day.html

    I ran in 8" of new snow with a layer of ice under it but said I would so I did. Here's my post plus I put the stats in. Not my best time but with the snowstorm, not bad either.

    Thanks for hosting this. Take care and God Bless!!

    1. Hardcore!! Awesome Julie!!

    2. You are a rock star Julie!

  4. Thanks for hosting this run, unfortunately a stress fracture in my shin has eft me unable to run it :( Guess I will have to wait 4 more years.

  5. Cheryl3:40 PM

    Thanks for hosting this - did in honor of my husband's late g'mother who was a leap day baby!

  6. I voted for you!! I'll try to remember to get back there, too, to vote! I just finished my run a bit ago, so I'll enter the data. I think I was at 2.93, though...maybe I took a wrong turn on the course :)

  7. Thanks for the virtual run challenge today. I ran it 2 times (I had higher mileage goals today) and learned something new - warm up runs are great for me. Thanks for having me mix up my run pattern. Happy leap year!

  8. I did the virtual run today! I have an 8K and a 10K coming up in the next two months and I had been having a hard time getting motivated to run, but your virtual race got me moving! Thanks so much!

    Also--I'm your newest blog follower. :)


  9. Thank you so much for hosting this!!! I have been in a little bit of a running funk and when I decided to run this race I made a goal to run all 29 days of February as well as running 2.9 mile on the 29th. I have to say I have really enjoyed the challenge and have been loving running again! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Awesome job on your virtual run! I've been resting my ankle this week after twisting it on Sunday, but I got my 2.9 in last night! I already voted for Ali's pic for her mom, not sure if I can vote twice?

  11. I thought I would share my link here to the blog post I wrote for yesterdays virtual run. Thanks again for the motivation.


  12. Good luck! Thanks again for hosting this virtual run!


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