My Life is a Marathon

I have never thought so much about a blog title. Perhaps, Oh My, It's Monday or Five More Days Until World Whale Day. But as I was reflecting on my lack of posting and what I wanted to post, I realized my life can be correlated to running a marathon right now.

I started out good and strong. I had a good plan. I was following it. All was well. Then a hiccup came along (more responsibility at my job). I was worried about how it would impact my performance but I had to take it in stride, go along, and just try to do the best I can do.

However, the past few miles (days) my pace has been slowing. On Friday I logged 1.41 miles running outside of my work (8'47" pace). Saturday I hit the gym and logged 2.04 miles (8'50" pace) and 10 minutes on the cycle. I was feeling run down in more ways than one as both my darling daughter and myself are battling a cold. She was up all Friday night coughing, which means I was up all Friday night. I ended up squeezing in a nap on Saturday while she crafted by my side.....but it was super brief. Yesterday I logged 1.25 miles (8'00" pace) and 10 minutes on the cycle. My head was pounding. I felt awful.

And today, at mile 21, I hit the wall. I was up during the night with darling daughter coughing, I was restless with worries of DNF (being sick on event day at work), I was debating a DNS for the Valentine's Run tomorrow, and I was searching for a good mantra to get me through it all.

This scenario isn't new to me. It happens every February as World Whale Day approaches. We all work so hard and personally, it drains me. Probably more so because I am compelled to still do all the full-time Mommy and Wife things I want to do. But just like crossing the marathon finish line is worth all the hard work, so is World Whale Day. And I know I will survive the final miles (days).....even if I do need to crawl.

And what about that mantra? I couldn't really find one but have tied in what I found into my daily gratitude.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Actually running some each day, no matter how little, since in previous years all running stopped
  • Perseverance since it is what will help me through the final miles (days)
  • A sense of humor
  • Cold tablets....since they bring me temporary relief
  • Friends and family who will listen to me whine and still love me at the end of the day


  1. so sorry you're overwhelmed right now. I think you are handling it all beautifully. You are obviously making an effort in every aspect of life and even though it feels like a juggle right now, it'll calm down soon and you'll realize just how much you took on and succeeded while doing it. Sending you happy thoughts. You've got this, remember you're stronger than you think :)

  2. Way to stick it out!! I have been fighting a cold too and ugh! You'll make it. Looks like you have had some nice runs and nice paces too :)

  3. Sorry that things haven't been going too well for you, but just as in a marathon, you will get through it and there will be some celebrating at the end of it all. Hang in there!

  4. Love this post!

    I can't imagine doing everything that you do, working, running, etc. and taking care of your daughter! I get overwhelmed and I don't even have any kids.

    You will make it through this! And I second Kris, your paces on your runs have been AMAZING!

  5. Thanks for all the love and support. You all rock!


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