Losing Time and Switching Plans

Where does time go? I feel there are not enough hours in the day to get one thing done. Granted, it is the busiest time at work, I am planning a birthday party, I am looking at taxes, and trying to have time to have fun while training. What do I expect? Time to stand still?

Now onto that training thing....yep, I arranged for a new half marathon training plan to start right after attempting to PR at a half marathon on the 4th. We all do that, right? Granted, the first two days were supposed to be rest days. I ran. Short runs but I ran to adhere to my 1+ 2012 goal. My quads are killing me though. They yelled when going downstairs at work every time yesterday. But as I pulled myself out of bed this morning I still was determined to do the 4 easy miles on my training plan. I could do that, right? No. Not right. Perhaps I could have forced myself to do so and I at times that is the best plan. But today, I listened to my body.

For the first few steps my right leg just wasn't into it. I had to give it a mental message to cooperate and to have a proper gait. As I continued running the aching subsided some but I still feel it in my quad...right there....like there is a bad knot not wanting to loosen up. If I didn't have a 5K race on my schedule for the 14th I may have charged through...may have....but today I opted to run less. I said to do a mile. I went 1.58 miles. I then followed up my run with about 20 minutes of stretching focused on the legs. By the end of the stretching I could tell I was loosening up some. Going downstairs didn't hurt as bad this morning at work....but it wasn't a walk in the park either.

Do I feel guilty about this change in plans? Nope. I know I will pull through, increase my mileage again, and tackle my training plan my way....with lots of adjustments along the way.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Time to stretch
  • My darling daughter's enthusiasm for her birthday party
  • My dear hubby's repeated comments that he is proud of me for breaking 2-hours
  • Water - fresh, clean, delicious water to drink and flush the toxins out
  • Solitude - yes, at times it is good to be alone in my own thoughts


  1. It's great that you listened to leg's cues! I took a full week of rest after my last race, and the following week of training was the best I have had. Can't say that for this week, but you can't win them all.:)

  2. I love it when my husband tells me he's proud of my time, LOVE IT! I feel great knowing he knows how hard I worked and how much it means to me.
    Good job listening to your body and not just slogging through the run! You have to take some breaks. I am still heartbroken that my streak died, but my knee needed the break and I'm feeling a lot better now!

  3. Yes, take a break for a bit and then get back into it at your own pace. Your body will thank you and you'll come back stronger too :)

  4. Isn't is amazing when we actually listen to what the body already knows. I applaud you keeping to the 1+ but cheer loudly for you listening. Your body will be happier and stronger in the long run.


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