Let's Not Fight Over Animal Crackers

Running is the best thing that has happened to me and I honestly believe I am becoming a better and better person with each run.

And running every day has made a huge impact on my life as I am finally getting back to the point where I don't sweat the small stuff. For my younger followers out there, yes, when I was in my 20's life was fun and easy. Don't get me wrong. I had bad days. I had really bad days. I had worries. But I was me with essentially no real responsibilities....like being responsible for the security, health, and development of a child.

I take a huge amount of pride in what I do because I try to always do and be my best so when life gets challenging, I get stressed. And I have come to the realization that I was getting too stressed. With running you can only go one step at a time. You have bad runs. You have good runs. You have runs where you feel all is perfect in life. And guess what? The same is true in life. You have bad days. You have good days. You have days where you feel all is perfect and it is those days that make the days when you just want to give up worth it. But would you give up running over a bad run? I wouldn't. Therefore, I refuse to allow the little things in life that stress and bug me have a negative impact on me anymore. And I can do this because I am strong. Running has proved that.

If I have a bad running day I trust that my next run may be much better. And if not the very next run, I know one in the future will be blissful. Why not carry this mentality to all aspects of life? Yes, things may be tough today but I now know that I need the same faith in life that I have in my running. Tomorrow will be better. And if not the real tomorrow a future tomorrow.

So go ahead, open that bag of animal crackers you told me you wouldn't. I refuse to get annoyed over it. I am stronger than that.

And for my recent bout of coughing, it seems the coughing induced a non-stop cycle. My lungs are irritated so I cough. The coughing irritates them more. I cough more. And so it goes on and on until I got the good sense to go to the doctor, tell him whats up, explain I can run and not cough, and the light bulb went off for the doctor. My lungs are annoyed and need a break. So take this medicine for a few days and I should be sleeping and living as blissfully as I am running.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Seeing the light myself and not sweating the small stuff anymore
  • Doctors that are runners and don't glare at me when I admit I have been running even though I am complaining about a cough
  • My darling daughter's courage with her immunizations yesterday
  • My darling daughter's dreams of being a pediatrician....who knows what she will decide to do with her life but I love that she is already inspired to care for others
  • My dear hubby putting up with me through the hard and difficult times....do you think he is actually gonna read this?


  1. I agree with you too... at my WW meeting yesterday we were discussing stress and I commented that I think you have to choose your battles, and one of the other women said 'yes, I always ask myself if this is the hill I want to die on'.... wow! That really hit home with me.

    I am happy you found a solution for that cough and I hope the meds give you relief.

    A few years ago I went to a podiatrist to have an ingrown toenail treated and the doc is a runner. It is so good when the doctor 'gets' you, isn't it?

  2. Great Post!! A very good view you have indeed. I think I will begin to implement this as well :)

  3. You're not in your 20's? Hehe. I totally hear you on that! All by myself in my 20's- work and ride my bike was all I did! Now? Yeah, kids are a priority- which is why I don't get out to run til after 8:00 on weeknights and regularly need either a sitter or work around my wife's schedule for weekends. Running definitely makes me a beter person!!!

  4. Great post! I don't have kids, not sure if we are ever going to have any, but I can definitely relate! Life gets stressful sometimes and some days are bad, but there are always good days around the corner!

  5. Love this post. It can be so easy to get caught up in all the nuances. I always say running is like life as well. You have the good and the bad and sometimes you need those bad runs to make you appreciate all the good ones.


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