I Do Want It Bad

If you have read Mile Posts you know Dorothy talks about how she pushes herself in her training. If you haven't seen her blog, stop by. She is an amazing running mom!

Today I was going to report on my January stats but as I was running I started thinking about Dorothy's recent post - How Bad Do You Want It? I also got to thinking about my race tomorrow. Yep, in less than 24 hours I will be racing the Run for the Whales half marathon. And just by using the word racing here versus running I can tell I am making a mental shift. I want to break 2 hours. I want it bad. I do.

I am not new to setting goals for myself. I have repeatedly over time. Some I achieve. Some I don't. And when I don't I feel like a failure. I really shouldn't but I do. I know I set high goals and push myself and tell myself it is okay to not achieve every goal. Really, who does that? Besides my husband. Argh! I also know I have rationale fears about race day tomorrow. I already told you about that lava field section I fear will be hot. I have talked to friends and they are doing a great job convincing me it won't be as bad as a fear. The best friends always know how to lie to you when you need it....or tell the truth in this case.....who knows. I have never run on that part of the island. I choose to believe they know better especially since one leaves nearby that region.

I also fear (guys....take a break here and come back the next paragraph if you are squeamish) Aunt Flo. She has the worst timing and is refusing to cooperate with me this month. I am really on a collision course here and there is not one thing I can do about it accept plan for a pit stop about mid-way'ish. Yep, it sucks, if she is pesky tomorrow I can't make 2 hours. However, I have already dreamed up a beautiful large towel pit stop with dear hubby as a worst case scenario. Is that a terrible thing? Don't know if I will pull it off though. I just don't want to waste one minute dealing with Mother Nature.

Welcome back guys! The question is....should I let my fears (which, if I was smart, I would call concerns) stop me? I think not. Somehow I need to pull myself together, get focused, and run. I know negative splits are wonderful but I can't start too slow....or too fast. I am nervous and it bugs me since I have run half's before. Here are my stats:
  • 2:08:39 (9/2010)
  • 2:02:22 (2/2011....this race, old course)
  • 2:19:15 (4/2011....heat knocked me down)
  • 2:07:13 (9/2011....2 weeks before marathon so I ran, didn't race)
And it is times like this that the treadmill training can be a downside. I don't use treadmill paces to predict race paces. Never will. Therefore, I know I am getting faster and stronger but I don't have that mental boost of oh yeah, you can do it. You did this. But I do have these splits from a short run last Sunday.

You can see I started out slow due to taking time to take my shirt off (replace with taking time for a pit stop) but got progressively faster. If only this run was longer and I could have kept on going. And yes, I usually start feeling better in my runs after the first few miles. 

So what do you think? Am I setting myself up for success or failure?

Today I am grateful for:
  • Nine hours of sleep last night
  • Being able to run tomorrow in memory of Sherry Arnold and my Dad....he is always with me
  • Nerves...it means I am on the right track
  • God....I can only trust in Him and put my faith in Him
  • My daughter's growing wisdom and words of advice


  1. Good luck tomorrow!!! I hope it is a great and fun race. :) As far as "aunt flo", I always try to remind myself to control the things I can, and not over stress the things that I can't. :) good luck!

  2. Good Luck Tomorrow!! I believe you CAN do it!! Just stay focused on doing the best you can do, try to start out a little slow and then work into a comfortable pace. Your runs look like your on track for a sub-2 :) As for the heat and lava..hmm...try to stay hydrated so hopefully the heat won't get the best of you. Just GO ALL IN and leave nothing on the table :)


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