I broke the rules....and am fine with it.

You know that above the neck rule? The one that says you can still run if your ailment is above the neck but if it is below, don't. Well, my cold that I had last week (which was all in my head....this could be grounds for a great joke) came back with a vengeance yesterday. It seems as soon as all the work-related stress went away post-event, I physically collapsed. I did run yesterday but as the day progressed, I got worse and worse. By mid-day I took a  mini-nap on the couch until darling daughter woke me and sent dear hubby to go get me meds and vitamin C.

I was coughing like crazy and by the end of the day, I was trying to not breath because it triggered coughing. I had Vicks all over my chest and throat and tried the old wive's tale of putting it on the soles of your feet and putting on socks. Somehow I managed to sleep with three pillows but woke up miserable...really miserable....the miserable where I just want to put on baggy sweat pants and curl up with cheesy movies. But I don't own sweat pants and darling daughter has no school today, so I ran a mile at a slow and steady pace, gonna shower, try to convince her a couple of kid Redbox movies is a good idea, and make her the center point of my day today.

And that coughing? I didn't cough once during my run and I felt good. However, as I type now, I am coughing. Darn cold.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Not having to go to work
  • My darling daughter's enthusiastic play with a shrinking balloon
  • Vicks rub
  • Colorful socks
  • Redbox even if it means seeing the same movie for the 100th time


  1. Ok, you're sick in the head...hopefully that'll get it out of the way!

    Feel better real soon!!

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon. My sister is dealing with a bad cold or sinsus stuff. Take care sending healthy vibes to you .

  3. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. coughs take foreverrrrrrrrrr to get rid of!! As long as u physically feel good, run, clearly you do not! Your body needs rest, LISTEN!

  5. ewww, try mucinex, it's my wonder drug!!

  6. So do you think the Vicks on the feet did any good? I hope you feel better really really soon.

  7. Hope you feel better - if you are alright with running then run/....I just like to rest when I'm sick. xoxo


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