For the Love of Maui Race Recap

This race was announced last year and I was so into running it with my darling daughter. Thing is, it was postponed due to permits, then postponed again to fall on Valentine's Day again....but in 2012. Of course, I still wanted to run it. And now that dear hubby is a running man, he wanted to run too. Okay dear, but you are pushing the stroller. wink wink

The course was beautiful and hilly. It was a quick double loop....or not so quick depending on your own personal opinion. We started off as a family but agreed that I could break free if I wanted. I wasn't sure if I would be able to. I was tired after a long day at work. Really tired. So tired I almost slept in the car to the race start. Those 5:00 pm races are always hard for me. And it was hot. But once we got the okay to go, I was ready to run. I feel I started strong and was pushing myself. I did leave dear hubby behind but he caught up. I think he had better maneuverability once the congestion cleared up and was back at my side for the second loop.

In the first loop I passed many runners. In the second loop, we pretty much held our position although going up one hill darling daughter kindly pointed out that the runners were moving away from us. I told her "I am doing the best I can". She later asked, "Mommy, where's your purse?" I told her to hush. She zonked out. I didn't mean that quiet....guess she is going to be up late. Later when I asked her why she was asking about my purse she stated it was because I wasn't carrying it and she didn't know if aliens (or some other odd creature....can't really remember which it was this time) or something took it. I thanked her for her concern but honestly, I never run with my purse on my shoulder. Unless you count that one time I was running through the airport with darling daughter on one hip, diaper bag and purse on the other shoulder, trying to catch our flight which was closing their doors right then.

I really did want a medal from this race but nope, not this time. Sorry darling daughter. I tried. My race time for the 5K was 25'28". ...just 23 seconds away from setting a new 5K PR. Please note, my PR was set in 2006 on a flat course and my last 5K race time was 26'32" on a flat course. I am a happy running mom. And honestly, the race divisions were tough....under 20, open division (20-39) - I'm at the end of this one, and masters division (40+).

Today I am grateful for:
  • Knowing when to not compare myself too much to my past running performance
  • A fun and different way to spend Valentine's Day
  • Being a winner at Canadian Runner in Exile - stop by and check out her blog if you have time
  • Friends who tell me I look cute when I am sweaty and stinky
  • A sense of humor


  1. I still think u did an amazing job, especially with a stroller! Darling daughter was too cute asking about your purse

  2. Great run! It's so hard to compare race courses, but I find myself trying to do it too. It can drive me a little crazy.:) I'm glad that the aliens didn't get your purse. Hate when that happens!

  3. Congrats on a PR! And a PR on a hilly course is huge, it's awesome! I would have a tough time getting amped up for a late-in-the-day race too!

  4. Great job!

    That's really funny that your daughter was asking about your purse!

  5. Great run! That is a very impressive PR! Those race divisions are tough.

  6. Oh yes, I would be thankful for friends who tell me I am cute when I am sweaty, too!

    Nice recap, and it sounds like you all had a great time. So happy for you.

  7. You did great ... and thank you for the smile reading this. What a gift your daughter is. Happy day, happy run.

  8. The Race is back on this year. Hope you and the entire will join us for the 2014 For the Love of Maui 5K on Valentines Day!


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