What Makes a Run Special?

When you are running for others. 

I truly do love to run but when my run has more meaning it seems to be more fantastic. We all know running a race makes a run more awesome. The energy of other runners. The competition. The bling. For each of us it is a bit different and for some of us, it may be a bit of all of it.

I have recently become more intrigued with virtual runs. I am amazed by how "racing/running" with others in spirit can make a huge difference in how I feel about my run.

My original plan was to run my virtual run for Running, Loving, Living's 34th Birthday & 1st Blogiversary today. However, when I heard the news about Sherry Arnold I really wanted to run today in memory of her. I couldn't pick between the two because both meant a lot to me and why should I have to? I ended up running with both woman in my mind today. When I first got to the gym I felt heavy....not physically but emotionally. 

Taking off my outer wear felt like a relief but there was still a huge weight resting on my shoulders. Ironically, I chose to wear my Dad's shirt to the gym today. I didn't think much about it at the time but now that I see the picture, it adds more meaning to my run.

I got my darling daughter settled in the Kid's Club and headed to the treadmill to begin my run.

If anyone was looking at me they would have probably thought I was crazy. I spent a few minutes just standing there, eyes closed, reflecting. I thought of both woman and I prayed. Then I started my run and I still felt heavy but now it was all of me. But within a few minutes something magical happened. It seemed like I finally connected to the spiritual side of my running. I immediately felt light, positive, and at peace. I was running to honor one woman and to remember another. Nothing else could be better. I ran 3.76 miles today with an overall pace of 8'38".

I had started slow but increased my pace along the way. It was fantastic! Years ago when I first touched a treadmill running at 6.0 made me feel like I was about to fall flat on my face. Today I did some time at 8.0 and you know what? I didn't fall flat on my face but may have felt a bit like it for a moment.

On a different note: Stay tuned for some awesomeness in February. February is a very special month for me and I will be filling you in on why but for now, mark your calendars. I will be hosting a "Pampered Runners" giveaway and organizing a Leap Year virtual run. I am still working on logistics but will get info to you ASAP.

Today I am grateful for:
  • My darling daughter's help around the house
  • Good friends
  • Virtual runs
  • Generosity of others
  • The support of the blogging community


  1. Just discovered your blog! Hi there! Oh I love that.."being spiritually connected to your running". I love that. I did the same today, kept Sherry in my thoughts and prayed for her during my run this morning. Such heartbreaking news. Looking forward to hearing more about your giveaway and virtual races!

  2. OK, We can call you Miss Speedy now. Great run on that treadmil. That is so hard to do at 8.00 it literally feels like I am going to fly right off the back of the treadmill. Looking forward to your giveaways and you virtual race. I to have found that I'm loving these virtual race in the blog world. It has really helped me stay motivated this winter so far.

  3. Just read your post! Awesome! I am signed up for a virtual race/run and wanted to read some of the recaps. I agree, this will motivate me-running "in spirit" with others!


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