Week Review and A New Love! Tennis Balls!

My plan for today was a nice, easy mile on the 10% incline treadmill but within 20 seconds I knew this wasn't what I really wanted to do. After all, why do all my little mile days have to be slow? Can't I push the pace and myself sometimes? Yes, I realize another option is to run farther but I am trying to  keep my overall miles for the week in check with the build-up I have had recently.

I ended up running 1.04 miles with an overall pace of 10'00". Sounds slow, huh? But in all reality, I believe this is the fastest mile I have done at home with that incline. Yeah! Yep, "slow" can be awesome at times. It is all relative you know.

I am happy with how this week turned out. I ended up with 28.74 running miles and ran every day, as I plan to for all of 2012. Today marks day 10.....double digits but still so small in the grand scheme of things. One area I am no so happy with is that I let strength training fall to the wayside. I really need to find a way to get that back into my routine next week. I also plan to have less miles next week, which should be doable with me running my first 12 in 12 half this week and not having that distance on one day next week. Why am I so concerned about the total miles? This is why...

December 5-11, 2011: 9.44 miles
December 12-18, 2011: 18.32 miles
December 19-25, 2011: 19.47 miles
December 26-January 1, 2012: 27.66 miles
This week: 28.74 miles

As I mentioned previously, I am a firm believer in a recovery week each month. I am overdue. I need to give my muscles time to do their thing and not over train.

Now, who is curious about the tennis ball love? 

I have a pesky left piriformis. I foam roll, I stretch, dear hubby massages, and it still whines on a regular basis. It is under control but I could tell the knot just didn't want to release no matter how much love I gave it. I saw the tennis ball in the corner and thought it may serve the trick at targeting the trigger point. Success!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Having a treadmill at home
  • Dora videos that entertain my darling daughter
  • Blog advice that gets me thinking
  • The ability to run
  • Love


  1. I love that you use a tennis ball! good call. great miles and a rest week is an AWESOME idea. especially with those miles :)

  2. Oh I so need to start putting my tennis balls to use. Do you just sit on it or massage with it? My piriformis is a pain too...

  3. I sat on the tennis ball and it is amazing...but it hurt like ####!!!!! But now I am so much better.

  4. So the tennis ball really works? I've had a pesky left periformis for almost 2 years and have tried massage, foam roller, etc. Maybe I'll give the tennis ball a shot! My doctor said it would heal if I stopped running for about 6 weeks...conveniently the period of time I'll spent away from running after my baby is born.


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