Turning Goals into Reality

It seems my daily routine is to find an alternative to my plan in order to achieve what I want to do. And some days I feel I am moving on to alternative b, c, or d. I hope I am not alone in this boat.

One on my 2012 goals is to run a half marathon each month. I felt I needed to do my first sooner rather than later with a racing half marathon on February 4th. So I confirmed dear hubby was going to be off tomorrow and had plans of running my half then with some or all of it with him. Last night that plan vanished as he announced he made plans to go SCUBA diving with son #1. Okay, annoyed but I totally understand. I turned to darling daughter and asked her how a couple of hours at the Kids' Club sounded. She wasn't overly enthusiastic but she didn't run away screaming either.

So we got up early, ate some Cheerios, and headed out the door to start our day....at the gym. And here is my eager companion.

Do you feel the love?
In all reality, this may have turned out to be a blessing in disguise but I need to do a warning first....guys or really squimish girls, come back to me in the next paragraph. Okay, you have been warned. I have a period app on my iPhone that tracks my cycle and shows me my expected dates for the next 12 cycles. Bummer, it looks like I am on a collision course with the worst day and a race day for all 4 of my important races of 2012. Yep, both half marathons and both full marathons. Today I got to test the reality of how this could suck with the need to take running breaks to deal with Mother Nature. I thought a half could be doable....nope, I needed a female pit stop after an hour. It is what it is, there isn't much I can do, run on!

And with that said, I ran 13.11 miles today and have officially logged my first 12 in 12 half marathons! I had to push the end, which is good training in some regards, because I was running out of time due to the Kids' Club maximum stay. Really, how much daycare do you think you can get for $4.17?

It was a great run and I am glad I got it done. Although, if I knew dear hubby's plans earlier I would have ran it yesterday so I could have earned some more HBBC points. Oh the irony of life!

Today I am grateful for:
  • The best headache relief....cuddling with darling daughter
  • Grocery store rewards that enabled me to get a FREE gallon of milk!
  • The opportunity to give you something for FREE HERE....go check it out and enter.....
  • Holiday candy on sale....sometimes we all need to indulge
  • Amanda feeling good today
Note: I plan to clean up my sidebars in 2012. I really don't know what is needed, desired, etc. What do you like? What do you want me to trash? What could be enhanced? You look at this almost as much as I do....what would make it better for you?


  1. I really like your goal! What a great inspiration!

  2. Good for you!

    I don't think your blog looks cluttered if that is your concern. The colors you use make the different areas very distinct so I think it looks great!

    Cute pics, as always!

  3. Love the goal. Can't say I've ever heard of a period app before but it's something I've been wondering about too now with hopefully some big races coming up this year.

  4. Way to go on getting #1 done!
    As for your blog, Can you make this middle section wider? I'm not sure if I'd get rid of anything.

  5. Three words: Continuous birth control! Eliminates the need to deal with Mother Nature. It is Heaven! :)

    Congrats on #1!

  6. Thanks for the feedback and good thought Running Moose on widening the center part. I will look into it....one day.


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