Tuesday Tunes.....and more

I must confess, I hadn't heard about SOPA/PIPA until last week but it got me thinking. According to this nothing is going to change right now to stop online piracy. I tried to find the source I read last week that brought up the concern that sharing You Tube videos could be considered "bad". At first, I thought you got to be kidding but my intents have always been pure. Share some music from a reputable source and perhaps someone will like it and go buy it. Sounds like a win-win to me!

But how about another shady area. Put some animals in captivity, people will see them, learn about them, fall in love with them, and protect them. Cool! But unfortunately that isn't always the case. The animals aren't always taken care of they way they should. Don't get me wrong....I have worked in animal husbandry and still support it to an extent. I don't think wild animals need to be captured and caged anymore. I feel we have enough in captivity and there is always captive breeding. But what about rescue? Can you rescue an animal and put it into captivity? This is where things get hairy based on how others interpret rescue.

Think scientific whaling and how some countries kill whales under the guise of scientific whaling. You see, the claim is they need to kill them to learn about them. This argument goes against the intent of the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

But what does this have to do about my blog? It is a running blog, right?

Essentially, I need to soak up this information and answer some questions about where I personally stand on SOPA/PIPA before I link to more videos. And I think a Tuesday Tunes post with no video is kinda lame. Bare with me while I do some soul searching and feel free to leave me your two cents worth. I do listen!

Think I may be in love
Now onto running!

My hope/goal was to run 10 miles before work today. Why? Just because. It wasn't on my training plan. According to that I was to do an easy 3 miles today. I got up on time and things seemed to be going my way until darling daughter started stirring and cuddling closer to me. Then it happened....she said "Mommy" and  I went through all my calming antics. Want to wear Mommy's shirt? If I go running before work we can play dolls when we get home. Yes, I will try to come pick you up early. Sure, here are some more kissing hands. How about Mommy's robe? Do you want to cuddle with that? During all this, dear hubby is laying on the bed with the occasional "what about Daddy?" comment. Sorry dear, we love you but this is a girl thing. It will pass.

Needless to say, I got a late start in the gym so I opted to run a progressive run for 30 minutes. And then it was so fun I "convinced" myself I "had" to run a 5 minute cool down. All in all, I ran 4.29 miles with an average pace of 8'10". I think that is a good way to start the day.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Keeping deodorant at work
  • Completing a yucky stack of financial paperwork
  • $40 sitting on the table --- dear hubby must of worked his magic and got some good tips so I can pay for our entry into the Valentine's Day 5K
  • Compression calf sleeves and compression tops.....a review to be coming up soon but so far, I am in love!
  • Almost 60 participants in the Leap Year Virtual Run!!!


  1. I think YouTube videos are fine because it's kind of like radio. Music used to be free centuries ago and musicians were poor, now they all expect to be millionaires. I buy CD's or MP3's because I like the musician and want to support them. That's my opinion.

    Great run and pace!

    1. Thanks and I am leaning on agreeing with you with YouTube. Plus it promotes their music and is essentially free advertisement.

  2. I hate private zoos, I dislike that people put human emotions on animals and in most cases I follow the saying "leave nature in it's place" completely agree. Some zoos are awesome for educational purposes, but most are so cruel.

    I Love TC and great job on your run! As for SOPA - BS! I hate it

    1. I so agree with you! Nature is best left alone as it really knows better how to take care of itself than we do....we just need to be respectful and not hurtful to nature.

      :) on you SOPA thoughts!

  3. I don't really get bothered by internet piracy, but then again I was in college at the height of Napster and everything seems tame after that. :)

    Great pace on the run!

  4. You've probably seen this "11 Random Things" posting going around the blogosphere. I got tagged and have tagged you--it is actually pretty fun, but no pressure if you don't have time!



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