Tuesday Tunes and 2011 in Review

I figured I needed to stop procrastinating and bite the bullet and review 2011. I even thought I could skip the tune today but hey, is that a good way to start 2012?

I had forgotten what a tough year 2011 was in terms of injuries since I am so amped that I ran my first marathon. The year started with a fresh injury (proposed tear in my left piriformis) that impacted my running in January and February. However, I still pulled off racing running in the Run for the Whales Half Marathon the beginning of February. With lots of love and massages, I continued on to run the Wahine Half Marathon in April. I loved, loved, loved this race and am going back again this year. It wasn't my best half. I made mistakes. I learned. But it was still a fantastic experience.

The summer months brought an increase in my mileage as I ramped up training for the Maui Marathon. The piriformis muscle was still being pesky and I had some colds and other issues along the way. It wasn't the training I dreamed of but it worked. I successfully ran my first marathon in September and hope to get a better time next time....same race by the way.

I rested a bit post-race, enjoyed extra time with my family, and was just getting back into my running when things (a table) came crashing down and changed my plans. I will never forget October 10th. And not just because of my little toe being broken. It was a tough day. I went to the dentist in the morning to get one filling. I hate, hate, hate the needles and drilling, really hate it. I got back to work and within what seemed mere moments, the filling fell out. I went back to the dentist after work and my fear was confirmed. It did fall out. I had just 15 minutes before I had to go get darling daughter. The dentist kicked butt, more needles, more drilling, another filling, and no more bill. I was out the door...numb.....until I got to darling daughter's school and the painful throbbing head started making itself very apparent. I got darling daughter home, took painkillers, and was playing with her at the kitchen table when the end table she was using as a stool (my call since I didn't have a proper table and chair set) came crashing down. Owww...

Needless to say, I have a new dining table and matching chairs! And a broken toe....that is still broken....life goes on.

And it does because December showed a wonderful increase in miles but did I really go from 25 to 80? That seems to defy all running logic but perhaps all the other workouts buffered me since I am not feeling any pain from that intense increase.

There were more races scattered throughout the year and some I missed due to travel or injury. All in all, 2011 rocked with a total of 966.95 miles (I am using my paper log miles, not Daily Miles....they do some odd rounding and don't even look at that widget summation.) This is up from 726.54 miles in 2010. Sorry, for 2009 I really only have October - December miles (86.6) due to laziness in recording.

I have run my way through multiple pairs of running shoes....Nike Free Run, Reebok RealFlex, Brooks Adrenaline (love them!), Saucony, and more Nikes. Oh yeah, and don't forget the runs in Columbia! I have discovered I like a little more stability but still a nice light weight shoe. I am currently training in multiple brands and models and I think it is making a good impact on me as it works me a bit differently....if that makes any sense.

On the family side, my darling daughter ran her first race...The Front Street Mile and dear hubby ran his first half marathon, The Maui Half Marathon. This coming September I hope to make the Maui Marathon a family deal again.....Front Street Mile for the little one and dear hubby and I running The Maui Marathon together. I really want us to run together as a relationship building run. He has already asked if he could run solo. Oh my!

And let's not forget....I started this blog in 2011....February to be exact....with this silly little introduction. Boy how this blog has grown in my presentation, your involvement, and I truly do appreciate all of your support and comments....and reading other blogs!

Today's Tuesday tune is Dream On by Aerosmith....because we should never stop dreaming!

Today I am grateful for:
  • A good running year in 2011
  • My dear hubby
  • Communication
  • Coffee plants
  • Sparklers


  1. Nice recap and what a big jump in miles from Nov. to Dec! Wow.

    May 2012 be your best year yet and happy early blog anniversary (my 2 year anny will be this Feb. too!)

  2. Great recap! Sounds a bit like mine beginning and ending 2011 with an injury and also starting my blog this year as well. My kids also did their first races (as well as my wife!). Great bump from Nov to Dec!!

  3. I just found your blog because I am trying to decide between Nike Free and the Reebok Real Flex. I'm just wondering, since you have tried both, what you found to work best. I was running in regular shoes up until a few months ago when I tried to switch to Vibrams but I think I need a bit more cushioning but something that still "forces" me to forefoot run. So I'm kind of looking for an 'in the middle' type of shoe which brings me to my original question. Thanks! :)

  4. Great recap! I love reading your blog! Thank you for starting your blogging journey and sharing your experience. You are inspiring!

  5. Thanks all for the positive energy.

    @Shannon, I tried to contact you directly but couldn't link up to an email. I like the Nike Free Runs and Reebok Real Flex differently. The Real Flex seemed to provide a bit more support and I could feel the shift in how I stood immediately. I don't run in Nike Frees anymore as I was concerned the shoe was contributing to my piriformis issues.....could be wrong though. Good luck in your running!

  6. Thanks for responding. My e-mail is kscpn5@gmail.com and would love to chat about your experience. I am torn in the middle between reading about traditional shoes vs. minimalist and how some people think very negatively about Nike Frees/Reebok Real Flex.


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