Running Around and Announcing a Winner!

How was your weekend? Did it turn out how you expected it? Did you run what you wanted to?

Mine was crazy wonderful even though nothing turned out the way I expected/planned. It all started on Friday with an early dismissal for my darling daughter and every moment with her this weekend was a delight. She even tried to stump me with questions such as "How did the first human get here if there was no Mommy or Daddy?" and "Where do plants go when they die?". Oh my! I love that girl!

And she loves me enough to be pulled out of bed, given a quick breakfast, and being tucked into the car for a trip to the gym Saturday morning. I kept it shorter this week for her and ran 3.76 miles. You can read about that virtual race HERE.

Yesterday I thought dear hubby was going to be off and planned a family run in the morning. Nope, he was called into work so I headed out with darling daughter and yes, we were bundled up for a Hawai'i run. Go figure!

Ready to go!
At the start she was an eager participant, all smiles and glory! She even let us pause for a photo shoot. But then the run began and so did the cold blustery wind. She endured, though grumbled lightly, about the slight drizzle but when it turned into true rain drops I think anyone could of heard her complaints a mile away. Okay, it is one thing to be #OpHardcoreFit, it is another to make a child really truly unhappy. We headed home. I ran 1.73 miles with an overall pace of 11'44" (we had many pit stops for adjusting blanket, etc.). I was happy.

And surprisingly hubby got home early! So I decided another run was in order, and this one solo. What did I learn? Running after eating nachos totally covered with crushed red pepper is less than ideal. Okay, if I knew I was going to go run again I would have eaten something else. I had the fam drop me off and told them I would meet them up at the park. Dear hubby questioned me with a "really?" said in a way that may have crumbled my confidence if I wasn't so determined to run. I said, "yes". And off I went....slowly....uphill....against a crazy headwind.....that just got stronger and stronger. It was a great run!

1st Run....I need a haircut!
I ended up running 5.43 miles with an overall pace of 9'59" and my pace did increase throughout the run. Awesome!

Oh yeah, you want to know who won the ChicoBag Produce Bag Starter Pack? Silly me! I am happy to announce the pack goes to Kristen, The Running Mom! Please email me at lifeasarunningmom (gmail) with your physical mailing address by 1/23/12 and I will get that out in the mail ASAP.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Announcing winners
  • Blooming paperwhites
  • The wind against my back, or against my face...but less so
  • Gifts of love
  • A child's hug


  1. Awesome set of runs...and really? Bundled up in Hawai'i? Ok, I'm teasing because I'm jealous. When I first got my Teaching degree the Dept of Ed from Hawai'i was at a job fair and they were hiring on the spot :) I thought about it for about a half hour. It was a 2nd career and while I had no family of my own the thought of 'how I would get all my stuff shipped there, how my parents would react, etc, etc' I opted not to. And glad I did! I never would have met my wife 3 months later!!

    1. Shipping is a bugger but it sounds you made the best decision. Funny how life works!

  2. Isn't the adage...the worst day in Hawaii is still the best day anywhere else??? Cold blustery wind does not come to mind when thinking about Hawaii.

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. And my idea of cold probably pales in comparison to real cold. :)

  3. Great job getting out there in the wind. Wind makes jogger running challenging!

    I love those pink capris!

  4. Oh! What a great conversation started she gave you. I love when they ask just the right question.

    1. They were perfect questions that got tied back to religion and the cycle of life. :)

  5. WOW what an awesome mom run! and CONGRATS to the winner

  6. Great set of runs! Runs after lunch are hard....did 12 miles one time after a burger and it was not good!

  7. Congrats on some great running and congrats to Kristen!


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