Resolution Run #2

Welcome to 2012! Did you have a good New Year's Eve? I really do hope so!

When I signed up for HBBC I was determined to run a half today for the virtual version of the Resolution Run. Unfortunately, school break caused work schedules to go crazy the past two weeks so no dear hubby today. I knew this was happening which is why I was inspired to do my Resolution Half earlier this week. But there is no way on Earth I was going to do nothing today, especially since today is the start of my 1+ 2012! (and with my runs the past two days, it puts me on day 3....what a small number!)

I coaxed darling daughter out of the house and as soon as we stepped out the door we both rushed back in to put some sweaters on. It was cold! Okay, for those who live in true colder climates, you may laugh and say it is a spring day but we were cold. We headed out to one of my favorite running grounds up here. And darling daughter complained every step of the drive....oh my....I was sure this run was not going to be fun but I was determined. When I got to our destination I was surprised to see our favorite eating place was open! Darling daughter asked if we could have breakfast. I said "sure, after I run a little run....only 2 miles." Yeah, she was eager for me to get a move on but not so happy I made her wait so we could pose for this.

I ran 2.01 miles and took a hard hill twice, just because. And the universe was on my side because we got cheers from my Nike+ app right before take 2! I felt good but cold. I was still wearing my normal running gear with a t-shirt and jacket on top and never took off one layer....so unlike me. My eyes were watery. But it was fun and hard. In all reality I could have drove down to a warm, flat running spot by why take the easy route? Why not push myself just a little and run in the cold with a jogging stroller and hills? And honestly, the flat course would not be this beautiful!

And I did pause to take a picture of a rooster for darling daughter....but it is too blurry to share.

And afterwards, I kept to my promise and took her to breakfast where we split a cheese omelet and she engaged me in delightful conversation. But first she had to wait and pose again for this....

Today I am grateful for:
  • The new year
  • That dear hubby gave me the okay to run the Honolulu Marathon solo and we can turn it into a little family vacation
  • Warm showers
  • Judy Moody - a really cute movie
  • Slippers


  1. Sounds like a perfect first day of the new year!

  2. You are so good about managing to cram everything into a day/week/month. Great job!

  3. Thanks so much ladies....and a big thanks Joanna....I try but at times I just need to stop and ask dear hubby to make dinner every once in awhile....but I did end up doing the dishes he was going to do last night since he had to drive son home. :)

  4. What a gorgeous view on your run!! Great start to your 1+ daily running goal!!

  5. Those are such sweet pictures! Great job getting your run in-- I usually take Sundays off, but I managed 3 and it was a fun way to kick off the new year!

  6. What a fun start to your New Year! You sure do know how to negotiate and strike win/wins with your little girl - great examples you are setting, Mommy!

    Good for you.

  7. Thanks ladies! It is an awesome place to run and I am very lucky.

    @Elle, negotiation is so important in life and I do let darling daughter negotiate but she also knows what I mean when I say this negotiation is now officially over....and that is usually her sign that she isn't gonna get it this time. I want her to learn it is always okay to ask, the right way, and that even asking nice can not work at times....but all will be fine. :)


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