A good shower is so hard to find....

It really is, at least for me. But don't panic. I do intend to talk running today but had to vent a bit about why I can never really get a good, warm, soothing, relaxing shower. I shower at home and the water pressure is pitifully low. And for some reason it wants to turn off every time at the point when my hair is almost drenched. So I need to stop what I am doing, pull the darn thingie (I really should share a picture of that one day) and I am fine the rest of the way. What's up with that? Showers at the gym....awesome water pressure.....cold water....or if I am lucky luke warm. But hey, less time in the shower gives me more time to play and run!

So onto running talk I go.

I'm not sure where I left off in my running updates with so much other talk going on. I know I filled you in on my Resolution Run on the 1st so I will move on from there.

I am working at balancing what is on my training plan with my 1+ 2012 goal. On plan rest days, I am running less miles (1-2 sounds good) and I am really trying to take it easier this week. Typically, my training includes one recovery week a month. I am coming off of three weeks of increased mileage each week so think I need to settle down a bit....before hurt forces me to. Plus, I want to run my January half this Sunday so I am reserving miles for Sunday....if that makes any sense.

Just monkeying around
On Monday I ran 3.28 miles and altered the incline up and down on the treadmill. It was a great run and I love how it works my legs and keeps me motivated.

On Tuesday I ran 2.03 miles but kept the incline steady. This was to be a easy/rest day and I followed the run up with Skimble Balancing Act and some good targeted stretching.

Yesterday I made a mistake....but not a bad one. For some reason I thought yesterday was my speed work day (but on the plan it was to be today). Oh well! I ran 7.15 miles yesterday and did seven 600 m intervals at a faster pace. It was a hard workout but not a killer workout. I think my paces were good and know I can up the pace for shorter intervals. I really am trying to do one speed interval or tempo run per week. And I guess they are supposed to be on Thursdays....not Wednesdays. Like I said, not a terrible mistake.
Not quite my night sky

So today I did an easy, boring 1.13 mile run and followed it up with lots of targeted stretching.

Thing is, with these runs and the half on Sunday, I am going to still exceed last week's miles but only by a bit. So I guess I have short runs the next two days. What do you think? Am I being too conservative and holding myself back too much this week?

* Note: I need to thank darling daughter for today's artwork....courtesy of a coloring app on my iPhone.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Pay day....gotta love them....
  • Eco-friendly party favors
  • A good night's sleep
  • Motivation


  1. I've been lucky where I live with water pressure. It was horrible where I grew up (we had well water) but now I have town water and I love it!

  2. Great running!!!! I hate speedwork...so to do some by accident would be a dream for me ;) lol

    I love the daughters artwork! lol

  3. Yeah, I wish I "accidentally" did speed work too. I hate, hate, hate it!

  4. I have no advice cause you have more experience than me!

    But I hate those showers that have 'water-saver' heads or whatever they are called. I like LOTS of pressure and the hotter the better!

    Cute pic!

  5. I think you're wise to take it easy the week of the race. It's probably good your speedwork was done a day early, so your legs can be nice and fresh for the race. Good luck!


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