December in Review

I can't believe December has come and gone. It was a great month for me! Not because it was my best running month ever (June 2011 was my max in miles) but because it was my best month since August. In September I logged 67 miles; December logged 80! I am finally back in my running game....even though the toe is still broken.

Yep, x-ray confirmed such on the 28th but doctor knows I am running and training and gave me the okay. Granted she thinks that it may heal quicker if I did nothing for 8 weeks and suggested I go see a specialist to see if they want to insert a pin. My reaction, it isn't hurting, the swelling is gone, I am running and happy. Why hurt myself? She agreed, there seemed no apparent reason and I honestly feel the toe will heal when it does and we think we saw a healing callous forming.

I didn't race much in December. I did do the Christmas 5K fun run for fun and it was fun! I have been loving my iPhone with its apps....particularly Nike Training Club and Skimble. I am grateful for participating in HBBC and I established some good 2012 goals. I also registered for the Maui Marathon and the Honolulu Marathon (okay, technically that was in January but on the 1st).

My 2011 wrap-up will come later because right now, I am dying to play with my darling daughter. School break is almost over and I am sad.....it has been fun having some more time together!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Taping my toe differently --- I abandoned buddy taping and just have the toe wrapped.
  • Food dehydrators
  • A kid's enthusiasm
  • The ability to purchase birthday supplies online
  • Being able to abandon challenges without guilt if they are not aligned to my personal goals --- yep, the food journal challenge just takes away time I can devote to other things....running, stretching, playing, blogging!

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  1. woo hoo! congrats on a great way to end the year, especially with the setbacks you encountered


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