Working Out with a Preschooler

My exercise for the day is not like any other day....but I wouldn't mind more like today!

I started out with the goal of getting some plants for the veggie garden that I have been promising dear hubby since we moved into this place. It is approaching two months so I figured I better do it and call it an early Christmas present. My darling daughter and I picked out some wonders --- patio tomatoes, black beauty eggplants, green peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, basil (two varietys), oregeno, and thyme. Now, I don't know what we will succeed with and I opted to go ahead and get some tomato and veggie fertilizer to help us out. Our soil isn't the best. We were just going to bring them home and set them by the garden but we got ambitious. We decided to plant!

Therefore, we had to turn the soil, pick weeds, move rocks, etc. I then got even more ambitious and decided to make a fourth level for the creeping thyme so it won't creep into other herbs. Woah! I didn't know what I was getting into. Removing those clumps of grass and moving rocks was intense work. I was sweating like crazy and my body is already aching from the full body workout. And this whole endeavor took at least 1.5 hours!

See my nice new level by the fence?

And here is the whole project.

Some may call it a day and just relax but I opted to keep going so I could get some more HBBC points. I figured that intense gardening had to count for some points due to the heavy lifting, etc. Really, I was huffing some too.

For my "real" workout I opted for some Skimble today and darling daughter came over to join in. We did an ab workout and she has decided planks are indeed tough and oblique crunches are hard too. And she wasn't too happy with the Russian twists and abandoned me on the moutain climbing. But it made me feel good that she called me strong!

Afterwards I followed it up with a new balancing workout I hadn't tried before and it just pointed out that although I may be strong (in some regards) my balance really could use improving. Try it yourself....balance on one foot with the other leg at a 90 degree angle in front of you. Easy huh? Okay, close your eyes....did you wobble like I did? Yep, I need to work on this but found it very relaxing in an odd way. I think it is a great stress reducer to start or end my days.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Being able to garden outside in shorts and a tank top.
  • Being able to garden period....so nice to do when you are renting a home.
  • Rocks....although they are not nice in the garden bed itself they make nice walls.
  • Sunshine....a great source of vitamin D! And really, I should have higher levels by taking more advantage of my opportunities to be outside.
  • Being able to sit at the kitchen table and blog with the door open and my darling daughter playing outside on the porch....by the way she has been talking to me non-stop all day! And that means I am typing this while carrying on another conversation so I should add....
  • I am thankful for multi-tasking!


  1. Whoah, putting your leg out in front of you….that would be tough! The image of your daughter doing an ab workout with you is hilarious :) I love your garden….want to come to my house? :)

  2. Oooh, I love gardening! But yes, prepping the soil by hand is serious work--definitely racking up points! We've done one the last few years, but don't have space here. Hope things grow for you! What a great experience for your daughter, too. Might increase her veggie intake. :)


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