When Not to Say No

A perfect storm of events can turn into a perfect opportunity to embrace.

The field trip I am to chaperone is today, not tomorrow. Oh my! That changed everything since today is already so full of things to do but I found a solution. I will get some work done from home, chaperone the field trip, darling daughter will come back to work with me and spend some time with me and with dear hubby at his job, I will work late, and then we go to dear hubby's work party.

All this means, I save travel time and can get more work done PLUS I had time to squeeze in a run on the 10% treadmill. I was cold and didn't want to get into running clothes but didn't say no. I didn't even say no when my coffee went from hot to cold immediately in my cup. (Note: Where we live it does get cold, especially at night, and we have no heating in the home so what it is is what it is.)

I got on the treadmill and started warming up in no time. In fact, I started sweating! But then I was beginning to feel the run. I questioned why I opted for this treadmill and not a standard one where runs could be easier. But really, do I want easy? No, I would still push myself but would feel this exhaustion at a faster pace, not this turtle pace. Aha! It is my mind bugging me more than the run so what do I do? Pick up the pace by 1 mph. Isn't that what you would do?

I ended up running 2.1 miles at an overall pace of 15'06". I had three intervals of the faster pace. It was a good run and all I had time to do today. For that, I am thankful.

Today I am grateful for:
  • The ability to run.
  • Warm coffee -- gotta drink fast!
  • Cinnamon.
  • Soft pillows.
  • Cumulus clouds.


  1. Great job on your run! I love a good pillow. It makes all the difference in how I sleep.

  2. great job getting it done! It's tough during those crazy days

  3. Nice going! I have to find out what a 10% treadmill is!

  4. Thanks ladies for the good job's! I will have to follow-up with another post one day more about my treadmill.

  5. I have never tried a 10% treadmill-- would love to see you post more about it!

  6. Wow, great job! That's really impressive that you made it all happen in one amazing day!


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