When a mile isn't just a mile

Today's run taught me reminded me of a very important lesson. Ironically it was a lesson at the heart of my guest post earlier this week. I am my own competition and I can't let previous performances get in my way.

I had a hard run today. First, I still have this nagging cold and had very low motivation. But I forced myself kicking and dragging onto the treadmill to run. I was about to get into the groove after a very slow start but then darling daughter started getting needy. I don't mind meeting her needs but could tell there was no way on Earth I was going to get to run. I didn't have it in me to abandon my need to run completely. Yep, even the running mom that has no motivation needs to run.

My decision: Get her dressed and we headed out the door to check out some roads nearby. There is a nice neighborhood that has safer roadways so I thought I could just drive around the corner to run there. Running on my street is now completely out of the question and I probably would have the same mindset if it was just me....let alone me with a jogging stroller. It is curvy, no shoulders, and quite busy with fast moving cars.

I thought my plan was solid until I got into the neighborhood that had no parking signs everywhere. Wow! No parking here huh....unless I parked in someone's driveway. Not an option....yet.....I will be talking to a co-worker/friend to confirm where she lives in this neighborhood and ask permission to park in her drive next time.

But for today, I drove over 6 miles to a road I could run on and got darling daughter set up in the jogging stroller with her snack. She was still complaining and unhappy but I kept going. Within 10 minutes she was zonked out....and I added a bit more to my run just 2 miles or so. But the run was hard....really hard....I felt heavy and sluggish and was huffing and puffing at times. I tried to not get too hard on myself with my performance as I have run these hills with darling daughter in the past with a better pace and lower RPE. Eventually logic took over. I am still running. I am getting it done. And hills at elevation with a jogging stroller can be tough....and it can be great training for the next marathon at sea level....right?

And yes, the cat is out of the bag. I am already registered for marathon #2! And even though my sluggish wee little run today had me questioning my capabilities for a bit today I have to remember, my daughter is growing and gaining weight....as she should be. I didn't run with her much at the end of my marathon #1 training so I am adding in more resistance into my runs.....and I am glad. It really does make me a better runner but if Dorothy can get faster and faster in her jogging stroller runs....so can I! (Although, I don't think I will ever be as speedy as Dorothy and you know what, that is okay as long as I am the best me I can be!)

Run Stats: 10% incline for 0.84 miles with overall pace of 13'46" (yuck) and hilly jogging stroller run for 2.98 miles with overall pace of 11'27".

More gratitude for the day:
  • I am grateful for those of you who are reading my second post of the day.
  • For having a run that compelled me to share how we can't always be so hard on ourselves.
  • For getting it done.
  • For fellow bloggers who inspire me, make me laugh, make me cry, make me remember we are all strong and human!
  • For girls' nights that let me postpone making dinner so I can blog!


  1. Sometimes its the hard runs that make us appreciate the sport! So excited for marathon #2!!

  2. I feel the same way on some of my runs. Like how in the heck did I ever run a marathon. Just chalk it up as a run and go on to the next one, I'm sure it will be better. How awesome is that you are signed up for you 2nd marathon Congrats Girl.

  3. Thanks Ladies and you are both right....some runs are just tough....others are so easy breezy!

  4. would you like to run/stroller run Saturday 8am @grandma's on 24th?

  5. Sounds like a great way to start Christmas Eve!


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