Tuesday Tunes.....and More

I am thankful I opted to participate in a blogger Christmas card exchange to get to know some bloggers a little better. Plus I got to meet this blogger yesterday through this delightful card and bumper sticker.

Go check out Journey in Running by Bobbie when you have a chance. She runs as a way to learn about herself and recently put out a fire!

On to running news:
I know you are not supposed to run if you are sick below the neck. Yes, I have a cough and felt awful Sunday....really awful. I was up coughing all night Saturday night so being tired surely played into it. But when I got home from work yesterday my treadmill was teasing and tempting me. I ended up putting on a new pair of running shoes (more to come on those later) and told myself I was just going to run a mile to "break" in the new shoes and see how my toe feels with my "real" running shoes again. I can do that with a chest cold, right?

It felt so good to run and I wasn't coughing so I thought a little extra wouldn't hurt as long as I kept the pace easy and just focused on doing a nice base run. Really, 30 minutes wouldn't hurt me, right? It got close to the 30 minute mark and this week's Tuesday's tune started playing.

Introducing Heart of Glass by Blondie! This is a fun song and my only sad thing to report on it is that its volume is quieter than any other song on my play list. So when it plays I usually end up turning up the volume and then getting blasted by the next song. Therefore, I don't often have this song on my play list but it just makes me feel good and happy....and that is a wonderful feeling when running....and it usually doesn't compel me to run faster....and that is good for my base runs.

Needless to say, I had to keep running to the end of the song. At that point, I was just over 30 minutes so why not round it out by going 35 minutes? At this point, I still wanted to run but had to call it quits. After all, I do have a chest cold and need to get dinner and lunches ready! The end result, I ran 3.14 miles with an overall pace of 11'14" at a 10% incline.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Blondie
  • My co-worker coming back to work
  • Fun runs....in races and at home
  • Running shoes that fit again
  • All of you bloggers and followers!


  1. I. Love. Blondie!!! :)

  2. That bumper sticker is too cute! I can't believe you ran for that long at a 10% incline, that's awesome

  3. Isn't the sticker so cute? I got mine a couple days ago too! Thanks for participating! :)

  4. The bumper sticker is darling and I must confess, I put it on my cork board at work. I have that one and the one that says "When Mom gets Cranky I send her for a run". I like to keep my running around me at all times! Plus, I will enjoy it more here than on my car!

  5. Love the bumper sticker and Blondie!!!


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