Tuesday Tunes and More!

Can you believe it is almost Christmas?! That means 2012 is just around the corner and I think a great way to start a new year is to share a little bit more about myself. So here you go!
  1. I am a Libra so I am obsessed with equality and balance. This is most likely intensified by the fact that my sun and moon sign is Libra but that is about all I can say about astrology. I like it but really don't get fully into it. 
  2. I was born in the year of the rat. This made me very unhappy as a child and I am still not stoked to be a rat. My darling daughter was also born in the year of the rat. Therefore, today I must stand up for all rats and point out some of our qualities and I will leave it up to you to decide which are good. Rats tend to be smart, well-liked, protective, selfish, energetic (including nervous energy), prone to stress, need to learn to control aggression, cheerful, good homemakers, love knick knacks, anticipate problems, see the big picture, cunning, thrifty, like to save for a rainy day....
  3. I am thankful for all of my parents. Yep, I said all. I have an awesome biological mother who was brave and strong enough to give birth to me when she was a teenager. She never looked at me then as she immediately put me up for adoption. We have touched based since and exchanged pictures. Don't ask about the biological father --- I know nothing and never will. I had wonderful foster parents for two months. Never met them. Never will. But they opened their home to a child in need while paperwork was being taken care of. I have amazing parents (and by this, I am referring to my adoptive parents). I miss my Dad every day and wish I could be closer to my Mom to give her more support.
  4. I love math and have since the 3rd grade. I had a remarkable teacher then. She was great at inspiring kids, and girls, to love math! We even had I love math pins to wear!
  5. I have compulsive tendencies and like things to go back where they came from. Why can't everyone do this?
  6. I am currently addicted to Words with Friends Free. I think I have 10-12 games going right now but tell myself it is a good way to work my brain. Don't get me wrong, I don't play all day. I aim to give each game one word a day! You can find me at GoRunMom.
  7. I have overcome a lot of self-confidence issues through the years. There are still days I question if I am enough but I aim to do the best I can each day.
  8. I reconnected with my spirituality after my Dad's death and through my running. 
  9. I love, love, love music and if I am alone in the car and a good song is playing I will crank up the volume.
  10. I hate to drive. Really I do. And highways terrify me! Good thing there aren't any here. When I was on O'ahu for two years I thought I was going to have to confront this fear a bit more but only had to drive on a highway twice there. And one time was for a matter of seconds. 

Now for today's Tuesday Tune --- Funky Town by Lipps Inc. I must admit, I totally forgot about this song until it came on the radio the other day. I was listening to a different channel because I had had enough of Purity Products infomercials. And yes, I cranked up the volume! I need to add this to a play list!

Today I am grateful for:
  • New medications that seem to be making me better....finally!
  • Having a job.
  • The live Christmas tree in my office just inches away from my desk.
  • Snow....even though I barely ever get to see any.
  • Kefir Probiotic Smoothies!


  1. I love learning more about you. Thanks for sharing! I hate driving too, mostly just in the winter bc the ice can get pretty bad here

  2. Great post! I am totally with you on #5...why don't my kids and Hubby understand this????

  3. Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy learning about other bloggers. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  4. Thanks to all....and happy holidays!


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