Tuesday Tunes and More

I had a question on DM about what my dilemma was in regards to following doctor's advice or coach's advice. Essentially, the little toe isn't healing as quick as the doctors want it to. However, it doesn't surprise me too much since I was diagnosed with osteopenia and lower calcium and bone density could trigger slower healing, right?

Anyhow, I am healing. The swelling is going down. My darling daughter can step on my foot and I don't have to hold in a cry of pain. I can put on running shoes (still the Columbia's) and I can run. Therefore, I am following the coach's advice. Run as long as it doesn't impact my gait and keep the toe splinted/taped. Done!

Yesterday I had a fantastic easy run after work before going to pick up my darling daughter. I ended up running at the gym on the treadmill and put in 4.24 miles at an overall pace of 8'47". I felt good and am happy with how well my body is responding to the increase in mileage after all those little one mile runs or no runs. I am now a firm believer that workouts such as those with NTC and Skimble do help keep a runner in shape. I used to think the only way to stay good at running was to run. What are your thoughts? 

Disclaimer: You may not get as excited about this piece of news as I was.

picnik is fun!
I walked out of the gym yesterday and my eyes latched onto a license plate. The number looked oh so familiar. I then had to look at the car a bit closer, walked around to the back and saw the Sea Aggies sticker in the rear window, saw the familiar scratches and dents and oh my!!!! This is my old car! The one I traded in for my new one just over two years ago! I don't know what had me more excited...seeing the old car is still in use, seeing my sticker still in the window (and really, is the new owner an Aggie who loves it as much as I did), or seeing the car at the gym I love so much!

Now on to today's tune......

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) by Shakira

It is a fun, upbeat song with a good repetitive beat. I like to run to it but not everyday. The only downside is sometimes it just makes me want to dance and not run.


Today I am grateful for:
  • Good friends
  • Courage
  • A child's hug
  • Warm clothes
  • Being able to donate gifts to those in need


  1. I'm sorry your toe isn't healing as quickly as they would like but I'm glad you are able to still get some miles in! I say definitely keep doing the other workouts, they can't hurt. i have to admit, I'd be excited if I saw an old car of mine too.

  2. Glad you are able to increase your mileage, painfree. Keep taping! And how fun to see your old car.

  3. Thanks Ladies!!! And yes, I will keep taping even though I can't wait to never see tape again....EVER!

  4. Hi! I'm a fairly new running-blogging-mama and just came across your blog! I was recovering from shin stress this summer and did a combo of spinning/wts/swimming, and found that i didn't lose too much in the 10 weeks, although I'm trying to be smart and build back slowly. Glad to have found you!

  5. Glad you got a run in! I definitely think cross-training and mixing the training up all serves to help your running!!! So funny about the car, I saw my old car on the road once and my husband and I both got really excited :) I love that they left your sticker too, that's fun!

  6. Glad the toe is getting better! I had a broken toe back in May that totally messed up my triathlon season, grrrr! I love that you saw your old car, that would have made me happy, too!

  7. @Laura, welcome and you will do awesome getting back in teh groove.

    @Beth, the sticker thing is amazing...especially since I don't know how many people know what a Sea Aggie is!

    @TX Runner Mom, Thanks for sharing about your toe since I can see you are doing just fine now. It takes so long doesn't it?


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