Training Report - November

My November isn't the November I dreamed about. My plans was to go into November after a strong October and start THIS training plan. Life throws you curve balls at times and you just need to adjust.

After personal reflection I decided I really shouldn't accelerate into the plan above. My goal was a speedy half. My goal now is to run a good half. The plan was built on me running 20 mile weeks prior to the start. If you have been following my blog you already know why that didn't happen. If you are new, a broken toe slowed me down.

I decided to be proactive and smart in my running and developed THIS training plan. It was based more accurately on what I have been doing and in all reality, I hope what I really run is greater than this plan but perhaps not as intense as my first. Thing is, the day I was supposed to start this plan, I got news that my toe isn't really healing and I don't go back to the doctor until tomorrow. My sadness stopped me in my tracks, or it was my workload after being on vacation, or it was taking time to put up the Christmas tree with my darling daughter.

Whatever the case, I only logged 25 running miles in November. Not a stat I want to sing about at the top of the mountains but I stat I will own. A stat that is better than October. A stat I hope will pale in comparison to December. When life gives us lemons, let's make lemonade!

Life gave me a broken toe. In response, I may have less running miles but I have more strength training time. I have been using the Skimble and Nike Training Club apps. The workouts are good stretches or intense craziness. My hope is that this will make me a better runner. I see improvements in my performance in the NTC Heartthrob workout. My jumps are getting better. I am getting stronger.

The HBBC has me eating more fruits and veggies. The Pile on the Miles Challenge helped me out of my rut and compelled me to at least do a mile on the treadmill. It helped produce those 25 miles.

December holds more of the HBBC and I start The Winter 100 Challenge to run 100 miles (combined) in December, January and February. I really hope to have a 100 mile month in there too! I have also taken on the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge to be active every day and to get in all of my water.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Finding motivation in odd places
  • Purple ornaments
  • Split tree skirts
  • Christmas lights that work
  • Chocolate peppermint soy milk


  1. Love your attitude going forward. You've def made the most of a bad situation. I have no doubts youll be back on the track you want to be soon. Chocolate pepp soy milk sounds so good!

  2. I think you did a heck of a lot considering the setbacks you encountered! You did all kinds of exercise that isn't miles but shouldn't count any less. You will move forward again with the miles!!

  3. Thanks Ladies! I am eager to tackle December and end the year strong!


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