Sweat and Fun

I love Christmas. I love to give. I love the smells. I love the decorations. I think I even love some of the chaos....not all of it though.

Yesterday after work was a perfect example of how yes, you can have it all!

I had a crazy meeting at work.....all stress and chaos.....and left shortly after with a very long to-do list for today. But I had to pick up my darling daughter on time and she had a school show that night. Therefore, we had a brief 2.5 hours before we had to be back. And in that time I had to feed her and get her ready. Sounds simple enough but I had to run. Yes, I needed to for my own sanity and I needed a good sweat. I told myself just squeeze in 30 minutes. I had time to do that for myself. So I hopped onto the 10% incline treadmill and got going. I decided to run intervals today and to push myself but not to do full blown speed work due to the pesty congested chest.

At 30 minutes I found my running happy moment. It usually happens somewhere around the 5K mark and I kept on running. I told myself, just go 10 more minutes. I had time for that. But then I was so close to the 4 mile mark I couldn't stop short. If you follow my blog, you will see I had the same issue as my last run....not wanting to stop. I ended up running 4.01 miles with an overall pace of 10'49"....an increase in pace from my run on Monday. I felt happy until I did this.....

Then I started coughing like crazy and got queasy so I got up, drank some water, and started doing what else I needed to do. Getting darling daughter ready for her night.....

to do this.....

plus more. And after the 1-hour concert we went out to dinner with some dear friends. And darling daughter got to bed way past her bedtime....and so did this running mom.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Being able to run.
  • Mini days.
  • Airborne.
  • Sleep.....which I really need more of.
  • Weekends.


  1. Great run! Darling daughter is so so cute. It looks like you guys had a great time last night.

  2. Thanks Meg O! yeah, the cutest of Darling Daughter does a good job of overcoming the hurdles of preschooler frustrations!


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