The Power of Unconditional Love

My darling daughter and I went to church Christmas Eve and she immediately konked out. This allowed me to listen fully to the readings only to get perplexed on the Gospel, which was a very long list of who fathered who with nothing else in between. My mind drifted back to school and decided this would be a very tough test to study for and wondered what am I really supposed to be getting out of this story. What lesson am I to learn?

The Priest did a great job touching on this during the sermon, and even commented that we all probably drifted off somewhere else. But to make a long story short, we all have names. Not just the name on our birth certificate but the names we have been called throughout our lives. Think of the names you were called in elementary school, junior high, high school, etc. Add to that, the names of people, good and not-so-good, who have been in and out of your life. It is through all of this that we become who we are today. It is through all of this that we each have the personality and behavior we have. A behavioral quirk such as taking 15+ showers a day can be an indicator of something.

Once I reflected on this, the story made an impact. I was holding my darling daughter and hugged her a bit more snugly thinking how precious she is and how lucky I am to have her in my life. I also knew I wanted to do my best to fill her life with positive names and help ease the hurt of any negativity. I want her to always know that she is indeed enough and that she is always loved....unconditionally.

Any mother can confess it is hard to deal with a full-blown temper tantrum. It may make you a bit crazy at times. But regardless, you still love your child. My love for my darling daughter doesn't change on her rough days and her good days. It is always there....equally....or if nothing else, growing stronger.

The power of unconditional love is amazing! It can give you the courage to go out and try something because you know you will still be loved even if you make a mistake or fail. Imagine life if we never tried. You cannot succeed without trying. And I believe, knowing you are loved unconditionally gives you greater courage to try.

Personally, I have many days when I feel I am not enough. I have always struggled with the idea of perfection and felt if I wasn't perfect, I wouldn't be accepted. Logically today I know that isn't the case but those thoughts and names from my past still influence who I am today.....even though I try to shove them to the side and say, no, it is okay to make a mistake.

I do have unconditional love in my life from my Mom and my darling daughter. I feel it more from my daughter who is always wiling to give me a hug or kiss, who loves to snuggle with me each day, who just wants to be with me and play, and who will still be by my side when I am grouchy. I love my daughter unconditionally and at times on her roughest days I just step back and look at her and realize she just needs a hug. And I will hug her and empathize that it is hard being a little girl and things can be so frustrating. I will tell her it is hard and that I love her. I hug her snugly and that is it. Any talk of behavioral management goes out the door because at that moment she just needs love. And it helps. Wouldn't it help you?

Imagine a beautiful garden. It's soil is rich and provides a good foundation for the plants. Water showers the plants with the love they need to grow, blossom, and bear fruit. Now imagine that garden with the same foundation but no water.....no love. Those plants will just wither and dry. Our hearts, our souls, our courage is the same. Without love we will indeed wither.

My challenge to you is to love unconditionally and to appreciate the unconditional love you receive in your life. It truly is powerful.

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  1. You are so right-- unconditional love is the best gift we can give! I also find that my daughter's roughest moments are often because she needs reassurance or a hug.

  2. It is amazing how powerful and calming a hug can be. :)


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