Monday Love!

It is the dreaded Monday again but really, Mondays can be great! It is all a matter of perspective. As much as I want to stay at home with my family today, I will embrace this very long work day knowing I get an extra day off later this week to be with darling daughter. It is winter break so things are a bit crazy in the household. Speaking of crazy....I had the crazy idea to make the walkway to the newly planted garden safer for a preschooler. I wish I had more supplies but check out what we did....and this time we pulled dear hubby into the day of manual labor.

This all happened yesterday after I headed out solo in the morning for some good running. I really wanted to get a long run in and pretend to be officially training. Okay, I am training for a good time at the half in February....I just am not following my schedule/calendar as diligently as I did for  marathon training. I ended up  having a good run at the gym - 7.35 miles - my longest since I broke the toe. And I felt good at the end and really could have kept going. Can you tell from the before and after pictures below? But 7 miles was my goal and I may do next Sunday's long run on Friday due to holiday confusions, etc. My overall pace was 8'50" (if I am remembering right) and later in the day I did another Skimble Balancing Act workout. Some moves in this are tough but I think it is a great workout for runners. BTW, in case you are new or don't remember, Skimble is an app on my iPhone and you can get free workouts or pay for the full version. I am happy with the free!

I am loving the cards from "Team Cookie" in the Christmas card swap and want to share some love with you.

Check out this cutie from Nicole. I love that her card promotes adopting pets whenever possible. Way to go girl! You can find Nicole on twitter.

For you next blog hop, check out Trish! She is one busy lady and her blog banner says it all!

I love the cute idea behind the card from Cathy and you can definitely feel her personality when you look at her blog. And kudo's for a great way to highlight your blog reading list!

For this one, please do go by and say hello. Not only because of the darling card and great business card idea but because Zaneta was brave enough to organize this whole exchange!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Strong women!
  • My broken toe --- yep, it taught me that I can become stronger through altering my workout and proved that I have more determination and commitment that I imagined.
  • Not having to make a school lunch.
  • Peppermint mocha to add to my morning coffee....even though I left my travel mug at work.
  • Workouts to improve my balance!


  1. I love the cards!! Love peppermint mocha!

  2. I received your card and want to thank you for your kind words! I am so happy I get to know about your blog because of the card exchange!

  3. Love the cards. www.dashingdiva.net


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