Merry Christmas!

I may need to come back to this as my darling daughter has just hit the limit and can't wait one more minute until it is officially Christmas day. She wants ALL her presents....not just one tonight. It is so hard being a kid!

Before I digress too far....I want to say a huge MAHALO for the gift from my Secret Santa Blogger - Jill. I really think she had a direct line to my wants and desires! I have a great new Bondi Band, chocolate (oh yeah!), and a lovely new candle to chill out to. I may be lighting it soon!

And somehow in all this craziness of the holiday season I have managed to get some workouts in.

Thursday: I ran 5.46 miles with an overall pace of 8'36". I wanted to go 6 miles but heard an announcement at the gym and didn't quite get what they said; therefore, I had to go check on my car. Call it paranoia ever since my car was broken into years ago at the gym.

Friday: Oh my! My darling daughter and I headed to the gym bright and early but the Kids' Club was full so no workout and no play for us. However, we are both equally determined so we went to do some errands and tried on some dresses. Afterwards, we went back to the gym and I ran 4.1 miles with an overall pace of 8'32". I ran long intervals and had fun! I followed it up with a round of the Skimble Balance Act workout.

I really didn't think I would earn my 1 HBBC point for fruits and veggies with a holiday party but I pulled it off! The buffet actually had vegetables and I ate primarily that. Any seconds had to be vegetable too! We had a good time although getting our goody to share and goody to trade together took some work.

Today started off with taking dear hubby to work as he left his car there last night to party. Therefore, I didn't make it upcountry for any group running but darling daughter and I hit the gym again. I ran 3.46 miles at an easier pace and did no speed work. Although, I did play with the inclines! My overall pace was 8'41". I followed up the run with the Skimble Balance Act workout. I really think I am improving and I find it very meditative....and that is a good thing for holiday (and everyday) stress.

Today I am thankful for:
  • It being Christmas Eve
  • Reindeer Food
  • Vegetables at holiday parties
  • Chico produce bags....a giveaway is coming up soon for these awesome reusable bags!
  • Sunshine, rain, and rainbows!


  1. You got some great Secret Santa goodies! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks and I feel very blessed!


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