It is almost Christmas....oh my!

To start the day off right, here is some thanks for a couple more cards from "Team Cookie".....

This adorable card came from Jenn and just made me wish I could see snow a little more often. Her blog design is quite cute too!

And what can make you feel better than a little HO, HO, HO from Caroline? I love her blog since it has a wonderful mix of running and life....a perfect match for this running mom!

Now for a confession. I have been lazy. Yes, I have been running and working out but I have been incredibly bad at pulling myself out of bed in the morning to do so before work. And I really should because it would help me at work. I have been fatigued and the doctor attributes it to the nasty infection that I am being treated for and healing from now. However, that is a pitiful excuse. How many days can I pull the "I'm sick and need more rest" card? My goal in 2012 is to just get up and do it! By all means, I have done it before, I can do it again! Right?

On a more positive note, I did run yesterday and my darling daughter gave me the best gift. I just didn't have the heart to run at a 10% incline and the weather was questionable. I didn't really want to subject the little one to another rainy run or else getting her into the stroller again may turn ugly. So I asked her if she would like to go to the kids' club at the gym and she eagerly agreed! Now, I am not one to count my chickens before they hatch because months ago she also eagerly agreed and when we got there she rebelled. I kept my cool and headed off for this next adventure.

The gift --- I couldn't get her INTO the kids' club quick enough! Yeah! I was doing almost as big of a happy dance for the opportunity to run as she was for the opportunity to play! I didn't want to push my luck too far (it is always good to end on a positive note) so I only ran for 4.14 miles with an overall pace of 8'30". I ran an easy run but picked up the pace for the final mile and then tacked on a little cool down. I felt good and really thought I would be able to get up early this morning to go back. Oh well.....I will get something in today. I know that.

But what I don't know is if tomorrow I can convince darling daughter that take 2 at the gym is a good idea!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Kids' Clubs - the best spent $4.17 of my life!
  • Wrapped presents
  • Nice realtors
  • Probiotics that help calm the very upset stomach....medicine side effect
  • Christmas parties ---- even if I am not ready yet!

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  1. You can do it. I know you can. One choice at a time will get you there. Oh and I am betting on take 2 working for you. :)


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