Is it really Thursday already?

My cold is persisting and my chest is oh so congested.....and I really want to run.....maybe later.......

However it is a perfect day to say thanks for another card from "Team Cookie". Check out this beauty from Alanna at running42km.blogspot.com. You can also find her @lovemyrunners! I started following her journey with the Hood to Coast posts and still love what she has to say. Check it out when you have a chance.

Speaking of posts, I did my first guest post for Kendrick Ribeiro this week and you can read it HERE. It is a short post and the goal was to be inspirational. Leave me a comment there or here and let me know if I succeeded. And Kendrick picked out the photo....what do you think? You can learn more about Kendrick through my interview with him HERE and you can find him on facebook and let him know {lifeasa}RunningMom asked you to stop by and say Aloha!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Making contact with the winner of mix1 giveaway!
  • Photo editing....did you notice the nice hat on nuun? It wasn't really there.
  • Painting ornaments with my darling daughter.
  • Expensive one day shipping charges that won't really get to me in one day....but I am thankful I can ask for it to come quicker! (See, even things that seem negative can have a positive spin.)
  • Finding stamps in the outgoing mail box at work.....gotta watch those volunteers a bit more!


  1. YAY!! Another card received!! So cute!! Thanks for joining in on the fun this year!! :)

  2. Nice job on your guest post! I just did my first one, too! I love that you combine the competitiveness with family values. We can have both! :)

  3. @Zaneta, I LOVE the card exchange as it is a great means to spread love and support! I am hooked now!

    @Laura, thanks and congrats on your first guest post.


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