Is a dictatorship ever really any good?

It amazes me how one simple moment can turn into so much. That Christmas Eve mass spurred a lot of thought and reflection on life and how we interact with one another. Events in my life after that mass added to my reflection. My mind has been racing with thoughts and I am struggling to keep them in focus and to share some with you.

We have all studied history at one point in our life. If you haven't, you lucked out! History was my dreaded course. I really didn't get into memorizing all those dates and names. It seemed meaningless to me. But every story can teach us something and perhaps I should have embraced the opportunity more.

Regardless, I can sit here today and say with confidence that a dictatorship can't ever really be good for anyone. There is more that one way to do something. No one is perfect. Therefore, no one can decide what everyone else should or shouldn't do. And this can be applied to life and running. My half and full marathon training plans may work for me....but don't do it how I do it just because.....they may not work for you.

And in life, how many times are people asked to do something just because? How many times is there a  lack of compromise because one person is so adamant that his/her way is the best way? Is this the way anyone really wants it to be?

My hope for 2012 is for better listening, better understanding, and more compromise.....as those things will make me a truly happy running mom!

2012 Living Better Series


  1. This is so true! I know I need to be better at compromise when it comes to my running.


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