I was forgiven....and thank you....

I had been neglecting you. I wasn't stopping by. I let you drift from my thoughts. But when I needed you the most, you were there and welcomed me back with no hurt feelings.

So not my gym! Source
It has been almost two months since I walked through the gym doors. I went yesterday and remembered all the reasons why I love working out at the gym at times. All the familiar faces. All the positive energy of people working out. Being able to listen to my tunes and run peacefully without any childcare duties. A running mom's dream come true! And yes, I do get those second two elements on my long runs when dear hubby watches darling daughter. And on that note, sorry dear hubby, you are being called back into action. I know you have had a reprieve but come Sunday, you are watching darling daughter and I am running for me! I wonder if he will welcome me with receptive arms as the gym did.....

Yesterday rocked! If you forget the hours of stressful meetings that is. That is why on my way to pick up my darling daughter I opted to take a few minutes and go to the gym and run for me. I knew I needed to. I needed to keep the grouchies away. My goal was just do 2 miles. I was having so much fun running 400m intervals I ended up with 3.05 miles. Afterwards I rushed out of the gym to my darling daughter's school. I picked her up before late fees accrue but I was a bit later than usual. She noted this and questioned me on why I was late. My response, "Mommy had to go to the gym and run so I wouldn't be grouchy. Look how happy I am (big smile) and Mommy was having so much fun I ended up running one extra mile. Is that okay?" Her response, "Yes Mommy." Gotta love that girl!

So I ended up treating her to a Redbox movie and a snow globe that plays music when you press a button. The snow is activated by the button too. She fell instantly in love with it and thank goodness it plays more than one song. If I was hearing the same song over and over I would need more than 3 miles to keep the grouchies at bay!

Mahalo Chronic Runner!
Today I am grateful for:
  • Gas was only $4.39 a gallon!
  • Lightbulbs that work! - Why didn't I find that switch earlier?
  • A child's love
  • The shirt I won from Chronic Runner - MAHALO!
  • Weekends


  1. Love that shirt! So glad you got in 3 awesome miles, Congrats! Hope that smile doesn't leave your face all day :)

  2. Your daughter sounds so cute! I honestly love the gym too! But i always stop going in the spring and then return in November. I really wish I could just get myself to go all year round consistently.

  3. Nice going on the 3.05 miles and your little girl's reaction to your happiness. Looks like a win win to me. Very nice, Mom.

  4. Thanks Ladies and yes, my darling little girl is a blessing. She can give me a run for the money at times but it is worth it. She is definitely learning the importance of good nutrition and exercise. Although last night her dilemma was how she could have the time to be a house builder if she was a doctor. The life of a three-year old! Can I go back?

  5. Late fee at school?

    Glad you got your run in and it's always nice to get in a little extra!!

  6. @Shelly....yep late fee. $1 per minute if we are late picking up our kids. Forces me to get there early and even my "late" gave me plenty leeway.


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