The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

You've heard it and you have probably felt it.

It is great living alone.
It is wonderful being able to run when you want, forever long you want, without having to worry about anyone else.
It is fantastic being able to cook for one.
Long bubble baths without being disturbed are amazing.
Life is simpler when you are single.

But in all reality.....

It is wonderful having a family to share your home with.
I love running with my daughter in the jogging stroller.
I love cooking meals that the whole family will enjoy.
Bubble baths with a preschooler are a blast.
Life is more exciting when you are married and a mom.

So no, the grass is never greener on the other side. It is just different.

That mentality helped me endure my day yesterday. My darling daughter was having a tough one; therefore, I was having a tough one....or vice versa. I ended walking out of church with her since the behavior was getting ridiculous. Or should I say, I was too embarrassed to sit there much longer with her whining, little screams, and don't forget the mini-bite. I have never left in the middle of mass but I did and I went directly to the car, buckled her safely in her seat, turned on the AC, and stood outside. I needed a moment. I called my younger sister and cried my heart out. I felt mean, pathetic, and honestly, I felt like a complete failure. Once I dried my tears, I got into the car and noticed that mass had indeed been going on longer than normal. Hmmmm.....that could be a factor but I was still annoyed.

When things like this happen I look inside for answers especially once I have erased child hungry, child tired, and child sick from the list. None of those were issues so what was? I am stressed this time of year. Could be a factor she is picking up on? Or perhaps my tolerance is at a super low level and things are quite as bad as they seem.

In the sermon the priest stated that people don't really pray as much as they should because they believe God is weak. I don't know if the priest realized it but he challenged me to pray harder and better. Last night I prayed like crazy. I prayed for patience. I prayed for guidance. I prayed to find the way to help my darling daughter over this sassy hump and to get back to cooperation. And guess what? I saw the light.

The answer....play time. We both need play time. This sounds simple enough doesn't it? I am integrating more mommy and daughter play time each and every day. Better yet! I am not going to do dinner dishes (Daddy can do that) and my daughter and I are going to have play time every night! Hello Candy Land, Hello Chutes and Ladders, Hello Whatever! This will give me more relaxation time and reduce my stress. This will give my darling daughter more fun time with mom and help her cooperation. This should balance all the errands and chores my darling daughter and I tackle each and every day.

So even if for one moment I was tempted to think the grass is greener for other moms, it is not the case. It is still just different. Children are a blessing and each mom has everything she needs inside to be the perfect mom at raising her darling ones. That is why they were entrusted to our care.

Today I am grateful for:
  • The power of prayer
  • Bad moments that teach us a valuable lesson
  • Relaxation sounds apps....gotta love it!
  • Christmas parties
  • Solo bubble baths when my darling daughter comes running to me every 30 seconds to show me something else she made for me.


  1. You have NO idea how much I needed to read this post!!! My little C (16 months old) and I also had to leave church yesterday due to his behavior! It's so hard sometimes- but I fully agree with what your priest said- and I ALSO feel that the answer to YOUR prayer could possible be the answer to my own. I need more play time with my 3 monsters, even the 8 year old monster needs more play time with mom!! Thank you for posting this!!! Much love sent your way!

  2. I am sooOOOOooOoOo grateful for the power of prayer!!

  3. What a good story to illustrate a lesson everyone needs to be reminded of sometimes :) You did great yesterday!!!

  4. Thanks for the love ladies! You all rock too!

  5. I have had those moments too (more than I can count)! But then I realize that my little ones won't be little for long - right now they want to cuddle with me on the couch, read stories to them at bedtime, etc. One day they won't want to do these things, so in those difficult moments I try to remember how lucky I am. Great post!!!

  6. @TX Runner Mom - You are so right! They grow up so quick....too quick!

  7. As a mother to a 3 year old daughter, I seem to be finding myself more often than naught in the same predicaments as you stated above. They are frustrating because we think, why doesn't she just act right? But after it's all said and done I feel bad sometimes for getting on her because she is just trying to tell me something and doesn't know how. We as mothers just have to do the best we can and hope for the best. Some how our children will turn out okay! www.dashingdiva.net

  8. Anonymous5:45 PM

    "Children are a blessing and each mom has everything she needs inside to be the perfect mom at raising her darling ones"-- I love this statement! I was told something similar when dealing with a fussy, poorly sleeping baby and have remembered it many times since. Thanks for such a great post!

  9. Thanks for all the love! It is so good to know I am not alone. Even though the logical part of me knows that is the case when things get hard you do think why? It is part of life and if the world seems big and crazy to us it must seem way too big and crazy to our darling little ones.

    Thanks again! I truly apreciate your comments.


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