Exhausted to Energized

My darling daughter and I were out the door by 7:00 am to do our errands for the day....some fun, some not so fun. Although, halfway through the endeavor I wished I did go to the gym in the wee hours and have dear hubby bring darling daughter to me. However, she loves to wake up by my side and hear it is a mommy day and I thought she deserved that.

We got home past lunchtime and she was a dear and helped unload the car (without me asking) while I got her food ready. After doing all I needed to do I felt wiped out. I envisioned a nap and went to my bedroom and changed into my running gear. I then hopped on the 10% incline treadmill for a little run. Nothing too intense since I do need to keep the toe more in mind....although I am disregarding the doctor a bit. I will come back to that. I ended up running 1.61 miles at an easy pace of 12'45"....this would be an embarassing easy pace on the roadside but here, it is a good easy pace. I stopped since darling daughter was in need of a snack.

Once I agreed she responded with glee and was about to give me a hug and then pulled back. You should have seen her an expression. Why didn't she want to hug me?

All humor aside, I got her set up with a snack and opted to do some yoga for peace of mind, flexibility, and core stability. Plus I wanted some more HBBC points. I am really falling in love with yoga. It is challenging in an odd way and invigorating in others.

The end result: I am no longer exhausted. I feel energized and ready to do some more things....chores or fun....who cares!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Fresh Pine Wreaths
  • Words with Friends
  • Board Games
  • Coconut Water...Really I am addicted!
  • Giveaways - Did you enter to win some mix1?


  1. I still haven't gotten the hang of coconut water, but hubs loves it and he is not an athlete. :-)

  2. I'm glad you're re-energized! Me, not so much. I'm exhausted!


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