Tuesday Tunes and More

Woah!!! My 3-day weekend is over! Yep, three days and not in honor of Halloween, which really should be a national holiday, but because I had to take another furlough day. So why not take it on Halloween so I can go to my daughter's preschool Halloween parade and be a chaperone? I earned an hour of required parent volunteering. I think we need to do 14 a year. No worries! It was fun and I am sure I will have more to tell later.

No, I didn't run this weekend, needless to say. I didn't Skimble. I didn't NTC. I would love to say I was a good patient and sat with my foot propped up healing but no, we finished up the move from house 1 to house 2. My darling daughter and I moved most of the small stuff and organized while dear hubby and son 2 (needs a better blog name) moved the heavy stuff....such as my treadmill and the sleeper sofa.

By Sunday night, we were all settled in our new home. My darling daughter warmed my heart at the end of the day when she turned to me and announced that it doesn't seem like we moved and it feels like we are still at home. Awww....if she only knew that was my goal!

Monday morning, my dear hubby got ready for work and came into the kitchen and told me I was amazing! That it didn't feel like we moved and that everything was already in its place. Wow! Two compliments on the same thing? Who could ask for more?

But before I go onto Tuesday Tunes I have to tell the world what my darling daughter said to me last night while we were trick-or-treating (and that could be a whole story on its own). We were talking about her friend who was dressed up like a cowgirl. I was telling her I thought it was her friend but wasn't sure because it could have been another girl in a pink cowgirl hat. She said it was her friend in a costume and clarified that "she isn't a mean malicious cowgirl". What?! My 3.5 year old daughter just used the word malicious correctly in a sentence! I did ask her later where she learned the word malicious (after telling her how proud I was of her vocabulary) and she said, "I don't know. I just learned it myself." And then she went on to tell me how she wanted to say "trick-or-treat smell my feet" at one of the houses but chose not to. Thing is, she would be able to pull it off and make people laugh!

Now without any further adieu, today's Tuesday Tune is Come Together by the Beatles. It has a good beat and I love to run or workout to it. Plus, it just makes me feel happy!

Today I am grateful for:
  • My darling daughter's blossoming vocabulary
  • Jack-o-lanterns
  • Kind neighbors
  • Warm water
  • Giveaway treats

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  1. What a smarty pants!! I wish I could have taken Halloween off....not a walk in the park for teachers!!


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