Tuesday Tunes and a Giveaway - mix1

Let's start with some tunes for a change....
I really love to run to songs by Eminem. The beat is a great motivator; however, I never listen to these tunes when my darling daughter is listening too....such as those treadmill runs at home. Today I am featuring The Real Slim Shady.

Now for a product review:
Awhile ago I confessed that I wasn't the best at eating in the morning before working out. This became more of an issue as my mileage increased since I really did need that energy in order to perform well. A reader suggested I try mix1. I looked online, liked what I read, and started hunting down the product.

From their website, I discovered two stores that should carry the product. I searched up and down all the aisles countless times with my darling daughter and no luck. I eventually emailed mix1 to verify and found out that the product was no longer available on island. But I really did want to try this product. Why? It is all-natural and contains the antioxidant levels equivalent of three servings of fruits and veggies. And most importantly, drinking something is quite easy to do on the drive to the gym.

I ended up ordering two cases from Amazon feeling totally confident I would love the product. I did....and so did dear hubby. So I ordered more.

And now I want to return the favor. One of you will be lucky enough to receive some mix1 to try so you too can fall in love with the product. I must apologize, I can only make this giveaway open to the United States due to shipping concerns.  Giveaway has ended.

And to clarify, I am receiving no compensation from mix1 for this product review and giveaway. I received samples free of charge to try and share.
A treat for one of you!


  1. I don't do whey anymore, otherwise I'd enter! I'll facebook and tweet about it though to spread the word!!

  2. Eminem is absolutely a guilty pleasure of mine. I actually listened to that song this morning!

  3. @ Jenn - A HUGE Mahalo!

    @ Joanna, it is funny how the world works. What a coincidence!

  4. This looks like a great pre-run beverage! Hope I win :)

    PS: I love Eminem on runs too.

  5. @Jen, it is also a great go-to on a bad day when I feel out of it. I was grouchy, unmotivated, overwhelmed. I drank a mix1 for my afternoon snack and began to feel better. I ended up getting some exercise in and addressing Christmas cards! Before the mix1 I was thinking bubble bath and couch.


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