Things are not always as the seem

There will be running talk at the end of this post, I promise.

I was on the way to get my darling daughter from school but took a slight detour into a store that had gift baskets from crafters that have applied to be in the craft fair I am organizing. I had to go check them out but quickly realized, I was running late and had to go.

I ran out of the store and into the parking lot, which was oddly empty and disturbing. I was trying to find my car but was more focused on the guys around another car that looked trashed and they seemed upset. And that is when I noticed my car there to the right with the driver door open, windows smashed, and tires slashed. My heart sank and although I knew there was nothing valuable in my car, I learned that lesson last time, I was distraught over the damage and more distraught over how I was going to get to my darling daughter in time. I quickly registered that those guys were in the same predicament and noticed a third trashed car further back in the parking lot. I didn't have the heart to walk closer to my car and turned to go back to the mall and get help. I passed a couple of people and asked for help and they quickly said no and rushed away.

I had to get my daughter. I called my dear hubby but of course, he didn't answer the phone so I couldn't ask him to rush to her. I called a dear friend and she was stuck at work and her hubby wasn't at home and that would have been so perfect if he was. They live 5 minutes from my daughter's school. I was so distraught I could barely get my words out to her and I just wanted to ask her to go next door and get my hubby from work so my daughter won't start to get scared because mommy is late. I ended up crying out in agony only to awake and find myself safely in my bed with my darling daughter tucked in my arm. I cuddled her a bit more tightly, showered her with kisses, and went back to sleep thankful that this time, the car incident was just a bad dream.

A couple of hours later my alarm went off and it was time to get up and go to work. I pulled myself from bed with dread. I must confess, I loved my job. Not many people can say that but I did, really, I did. Yes, there were tough days, dreaded meetings that you get yourself through by treating yourself to a purchased lunch, but I loved my job! About a week ago, things changed and I dread my job and really hope that I can get over this. Perhaps this is just another bad dream and I haven't woke up yet? I can always wish, right? And no treating myself to a lunch, not in the budget.

But it is not all doom and gloom as I am slowly getting back into my running routine and am getting optimistic that I may be able to pull off that training plan and PR in February!

After my 1.5 mile run on Monday (overall pace was 14'37") I took it easier on Tuesday. I only ran 1.06 miles with an overall pace of 14'09" (my fastest so far with the broken toe). However, I don't know if I can truly call it easier just because the distance was shorter as I did irregular intervals. Essentially, I did some faster segments but the duration for work and recovery varied on how I felt. It was a fun interval workout and allowed me to test my toe a bit. Yesterday, I slowed things down a bit with a 2 mile run and an overall pace of 14'20". My running profile was a lopsided pyramid with more speed in the second half. I am doing all my runs barefoot on my home treadmill with my dad above me...

with this view to the side...

and afterwards I go outside to cool down.

I really do need to get a little fan to put on my treadmill once my runs get even longer. Right now, I am doing okay.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Blog comments
  • Photo editing
  • Making coffee at work
  • Good friends
  • Co-workers who care


  1. Wow you had me with the dream sequence!

    I hope the runs continue to improve. I wish I had my treadmill in such a nice spot in my house instead of in the dungeon!

  2. Wow! That was some vivid dream! That really is a great view you have from the dreadmill. If you stick with your plan, I'm sure you'll get that PR!

  3. It was a wild dream and yes, I love my treadmill view and count my blessings each day. But I did make sure the treadmill didn't take prime spots away from everyone else in the house!


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