Sunday Madness

Throughout my life I have heard that Sunday is a day rest. Hmmm....that is never really the case for me as often it is the perfect day for a long run. However, perhaps that could be considered "rest" for my mind because it is the ideal way for me to find peace and tranquility.

Today, my darling daughter and I have worked our butts off in the kitchen. We have made two batches of cookies --- swirled chocolate chip (no nuts) and peanut butter graham cracker cookies (made with Splenda and wheat flour). In between, we made a batch of brownies with walnuts and peanuts (applesauce for vegetable oil please). This is on top of the gingerbread cookies we made yesterday. No, I am not turning into a sugar craving monkey. We were making all these goodies for the upcoming craft fair holiday festival for her school to raise some money. And baking is a great way for me to volunteer my efforts.....and time but I don't think that part counts for this. But it doesn't matter, we did good.

I followed it up with a run on my treadmill and pushed one mile as much as I could at the 10% incline. I think I did pretty good all things considered. My overall pace was 12'40" for a total of 1.025 miles. Slow in my real running world, great for this treadmill world I am in.

Immediately I felt a little odd....not quite lightheaded but odd enough to pay attention to it. It seemed to let up and at the end of my mile, I felt winded. This is good under the circumstances. I stepped outside with my water to cool down and chill out. Ironically, when I got back inside I started to feel lightheaded and odd for a bit but that seems to have passed. Just a funny thing I had to share. I do need to check out the elevation here and see how that factors in. It would be interesting to see how many feet I moved up, if any, but keep in mind....I have run in this neck of the woods before....on occasion.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Dishwashers....even though I don't have one anymore but after all the baking today, I fully appreciate their wonder
  • Home buying TV shows....love them! Check out HGTV if you are so inclined. I got my family hooked on them too.
  • Columbia Drainmakers....not my preferred running shoe but I did a test step in them and I may be able to do some cross training/running/etc. in them. Can you say "Aloha Gym!"
  • The gym.....I miss you my friend and hope to see you again soon.
  • PBS Kids....cuz my darling daughter loves it and it is educational!


  1. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I would love your recipe for the peanut butter graham cracker cookies! - Libbi

  2. Sounds like a fun baking day. Glad you got some treadmill time in! Hope the lightheaded part passed!

  3. I love that PBS is one of the the things you are grateful for - I totally agree! Oh, and your freezer looks so nice and clean!

  4. I will post the recipe soon, I promise. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

    @ Nikki....confession, I am a neat freak. Good sometimes.....


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