Running on Vacation

My perfect run on a vacation involves racing, although that isn't the case for me right now. But I am finding some interesting ways to get my runs in while visiting with family....even if it involves running around a house 100 times! And yes, I have been running in circles.

It is nice to be running on new terrain in a new environment. I am not doing the standard treadmill or roadside runs and even though there is a beautiful, scenic road here....I am strongly advised by the residents not to venture out on it. I don't know which has them more concerned....the random cars that go speeding by or the prison down the street. Either way, I will take their advice....somewhat....and make sure my running is safe.

I am doing good getting a bit of running in each day and I must confess, the HBBC and POTM challenges are helping me stay focused. There is way too much temptation between family making things to celebrate us being here and the holidays. I love that the HBBC includes incentive for eating enough fruits and veggies and I am determined to earn another extra point today by consuming 7 or more servings!

And although running here is beautiful on uneven grass, mud, silt, and rocks...plus a little cement....I look forward to running somewhere different while on this trip.

I am still wearing the Columbia's but am saddened that I received this battle scar.....good golly....I haven't had one of these in eons from my running shoes!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Being able to run
  • Family to watch my darling daughter
  • Cousins
  • New running shoes....more to come later
  • Packages in the mail....giveaway to be announced soon!


  1. I agree, the HBBC and POTM are definitely motivating meto grab fruits and veggies instead of other snacks :) I never realized how hard 7 servings is!

  2. I need to be better about running while on vacation. It never happens for me. Call it mothers guilt leaving the three kids with Dad while I go off and run. I need to get over that.

  3. OUCH!!!! Stupid blisters!!!! Hope it heals up quick! I love running in new areas, and trying different scenery and paths! Enjoy your Vaca running!

  4. Ouch! That hurts! Hope it heels quickly!


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