Is it time to go to the airport yet?

As hard as I tried to be ready and prepared, I feel I am scrambling to get things together for my darling daughter and I to head out to visit family in Texas. But I just couldn't imagine not squeezing in an itty bitty run before being trapped on a flight and having to sit still. Being still is not easy for me!

I ended up with only 15 minutes to spare and ran 1.062 miles on my 10% incline treadmill. My average pace was 14'07" and I pushed myself for approximately 560 meters (12'00"pace. At the end of the 560 meters I was winded and my legs felt the difference but I wasn't dying. It is a good test to find my conversion rate for speed work at this incline. FYI - I kinda like speed work on the treadmills for the fact it forces me to maintain my pace. I am sure I am going to love the track for not having to watch the numbers go by to track distance. What do you prefer?

I would love to say my self motivation is keeping me on track and perhaps that helps some but I am so glad for all the challenges I opted to participate in.

In the Pile on the Miles Challenge I am increasing my distance week by week. I am trying hard not to focus on the low mileage weeks (ie. 5 miles for the first) but to focus on the increase and determination to get something down.

On a more personal level, the Still the One Challenge is kicking my butt. I am finding it hard to spend the time to reflect, meditate, and pray as I should even though I realize this is so important in my life right now. I really wish there was a forum like Daily Mile or a metric like miles run to keep my competitive side going. I refuse to give up though and hope this week I start to get my mind back into it and to not let discouragement knock me down.

Holiday Butt Buster Challenge --- I am so ready for tomorrow and hope I get a workout in. I arrive in Texas first thing and will be tired if I don't sleep a wink on the plane. And darling daughter had me up by 5:00 am due to her overbubbling enthusiasm for the trip. I did change my status from advanced to builder. I didn't want to in some regards (it is the competitive side of me) but in all reality, I am a builder right now. I am building back to where I was pre-broken toe. I don't even get the official toe status for another 10 days and am just being my overachiever competitive self telling myself I am good to run based on my desire and the level of discomfort.

Today I am grateful for:
  • My treadmill
  • Inexpensive photo frames
  • Luggage that is under 50 lbs
  • Flavored water without any artificial sugars
  • Determination

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  1. Have a good trip and enjoy the trip to TX to be with family!


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