Harbor to Harbor Race - as a volunteer

Yes, I wanted to race.

Yes, I wanted to beat my time from last year.

No, I didn't race.

Instead, I dragged my darling daughter out of bed before the sun thought about rising to get ready to go to a race so I could volunteer. Poor little girl, running or no running mom, she is getting up and being hurried out the door.

wating patienty for me to get it right
Thing is, I didn't know exactly where I was to be or what time. I knew I had finishing line duties. I knew where the after party was. I should have better of guessed where the finish line was but even the ever so early running/volunteering mom was late to the location of my duty. Yep, a couple of runners beat me. What can I say? Pathetic I know but at least, there were volunteers there and I did ask....didn't get an answer....but I did ask for clarification.

All that aside, it is a great organization that hosts these races and I was honored to be a part of it and to finally do what I was supposed to do....volunteer. It was good to see things from the other side. To cheer the runners on as they cross the line. To encourage them to go those final steps. To see the issues of runners stopping dead or running on when volunteers are trying to get the tear tags, their race numbers, their times, hand them their medals, etc. I have always been one who was grateful for the volunteers and tried to show appreciation. I think I may go one step further now. If I know I want to keep running, I can at least tear the tag and hand it off. If they are trying to hand me something, I can stop (although I always have). Because you know what, they really do care about you and want to get your time right. And yes, they really don't like those race bandits as it really does cause problems, especially when the bandits cross the finish line and detract the volunteers' attention from the runners who properly registered.

breakfast at after party
Will I volunteer again? Of course! This was the second race my darling daughter and I volunteered at. I think it teaches her a good lesson and I do feel it is my part to give back to the running community that gives so much to me.

Will I volunteer at the next Harbor to Harbor? I hope not! Only because I want to run it!!!

Today I am grateful for:
  • Glade candles
  • Gingerbread cookies
  • The enthusiasm of a child
  • Refund checks
  • Internet connectivity

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